PNP seeks law on revitalization, capability enhancement

August 25, 2019

THE Philippine National Police headed by General Oscar D. Albayalde has sought the help of the 18th Congress in approving a proposed law which will provide for the revitalization and capability enhancement of the 195,000-strong police force and appropriating adequate funds for the measure, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

The legislative agenda was forwarded to the 18th Congress by the PNP Directorate for Plans headed by Major General Jonas B. Calleja taking into consideration the relevant inputs of all PNP Directorial Staff and other operational and administrative units.

Called “An Act Providing for the Revitalization and Capability Enhancement of the Philippine National Police Appropriating Funds Therefor, And For Other Purposes,” the measure is part of the State’s policy to transform the PNP into a highly-efficient, capable and competent police force in order to fully perform its mandate as the primary law enforcement agency of the government.

As contained in its explanatory note, the State shall sustain a revitalized PNP that will continuously carry out effective policing functions and law enforcement operations, deliver timely and responsive frontline public safety services, and pursue a comprehensive and integrated approach against transnational crime and emerging forms of criminality, insurgency and serious threats to national security including terrorism.

“For this purpose, the State shall pursue the implementation of a Revitalization and Capability Enhancement Program focused on infrastructure and facilities development as well as equipment acquisition and upgrading.

Section 3 of the proposed law discusses the  PNP Revitalization Thrusts. The term ‘revitalization’ shall be understood to mean the state of being enlivened or the condition of achieving a dynamic level of performing police functions and law enforcement operations, frontline public safety services and modern approaches against criminality with the end in view of establishing and maintaining for all people a safe, secure, orderly, peaceful and prosperous nation.

Towards this aspiration, the PNP shall pursue the following revitalization thrusts as contained in the legislative proposal:

a. Fill-up of basic equipage and construction of standard police stations nationwide;

b. Acquisition of modern equipage;

c. Adoption of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) enabled and integrated police administration and operations;

d. Strengthening police coordination and cooperation with the citizenry, local governments public safety agencies, other law enforcement agencies and pillars of the criminal justice system, and the regional and international police communities; and;

e. Enhancing law enforcement approach and intensified operations against transnational crime and emerging forms of criminality, insurgency and serious threats to national security including terrorism.

Section 4 discusses the “Components of the Revitalization and Capability Enhancement Program. As proposed, the PNP revitalization thrusts shall be realized thru the following:

Infrastructure and Facilities Development:

1. construction and upgrading of basic infrastructures like buildings, police stations and police community precincts and support facilities for administrative, investigative and operational services such as but not limited to crime laboratory, communications systems, research and development centers, training institutions, hospitals and dispensaries for delivery of medical and dental services in accordance with camp development plans;

2. upgrading of facilities to support regulatory functions;

3. development, procurement and management of ICT systems and automated systems to ensure integration and effective coordination and;

4. real estate acquisition, titling and management.

Equipment Acquisition and Upgrading—the objectives of the component are judicious procurement and acquisition of modern equipage for enhanced PNP capabilities such as but not limited to munitions and ordnance, firepower and weapons, transportation and mobility assets, communication, intelligence, investigative and forensic equipment.

Standard of Modernizations. In preparing and implementing the Police Capability Enhancement Program, the standard test to indicate modernity is the possession of latest attribute or innovative quality of infrastructures, facilities and equipment, over and above the basic and standard features. This would enable the PNP to better adapt to the needs of the present time, add value to services delivered and achieve increased citizen satisfaction with the police.