PNP to unveil over P3-b worth of modern equipment today

November 17, 2019

THE Philippine National Police headed by its Officer-in-Charge, Lieutenant General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa, will officially unveil today in Camp Crame more than P3-billion worth of brand-new equipment including two training helicopters, patrol vehicles and trucks and pistols, automatic rifles and machine guns needed by the force in its anti-criminality and anti-terror and insurgency campaign, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

The equipment were procured by the PNP under its Capability Enhancement Program for Calendar Years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 with a total contract price of P33,030,928,724.01, said PNP Director for Comptrollership and the head of the National Headquarters Bids and Awards Committee, Major General Jose Ma. Victor DF Ramos.

The newly-procured equipment include two R44 Training Helicopters which will be used by the PNP Special Action Force-Air Unit; 21 units of EOD/K9 patrol vehicles; 34 units of brand-new utility trucks; 2,001 units of Taurus 9mm Striker-Fired pistols; 6,353 units of Tisas 9mm Striker-Fired pistols;  10,000 units of Canik 9mm Striker-Fired pistols; 12,992 units of Galil 5.56mm Basic Assault Rifles; 1,677 units of K2C1 5.56mm Basic Assault Rifles; 205 units of K3 5.56mm Light Machine guns; eight units of Negev5 5.56mm light machine guns; 141 units of Negev7 7.62mm light machine guns; 51 units of Rotary Blade/Propelled Wing UAV; and 7,924 units of Enhanced Combat Helmet Level III.

The light machine guns, basic assault rifles and combat helmets will be used by the different PNP regional and mobile police forces, ‘high-risks’ police stations and the PNP Maritime Group.

On the other hand, the 21 EOD/K-9 patrol vehicles will be used by the PNP Explosives and Ordnance Disposal Division/K-9 Group. The brand-new trucks and Utility vehicles will be assigned to the different police regional offices.

Lastly, the 18,354 pistols will be for the use of new PNP recruits and other police personnel nationwide,  said PNP Director for Logistics, Major General Edwin C. Roque.

According to Ramos, the NHQ-BAC which used to be chaired by Lt. Gen. Gamboa, the Philippine International Corporation and the Procurement Service-Department of Budget and Management successfully procured the equipment following a series of quality tests.

They are the latest addition to the growing ‘shoot, move, communicate and investigate’ capabilities of the 195,000-strong police force under the Duterte administration.

Last May, the PNP also boasted the acquisition of P1.8 billion worth of police equipment to enhance its basic operational requirements especially city and municipal police stations, public safety battalions and company and national support units.

The 23,800 pieces of newly-procured police equipment were bankrolled by a supplemental fund from the PNP Capability Enhancement Program of 2014 to 2018.

Gamboa said the procurement is part of the continuing effort of the PNP leadership and the national government to enhance the firepower, mobility, communication and investigative capabilities of the different PNP operating units.

The newly-acquired PNP equipment last May include two units of single engine helicopter (Airbus H125); 107 units of 4X2 single cab patrol jeeps (Toyota Hi-Lux); 5,000 units of Canik TP9SF Elite-S striker-fired 9mm pistols; 4,000 units of Taurus TS9 striker-fired 9mm pistols; 42 units of MG3 7.62mm light machine guns from the Pakistan Ordnance Factory; 3,045 units of waistcoat vest level 3A with Upgrade Plate Level IV; 11.084 enhanced combat helmets; 124 units of VHF Low band tactical radios; and 48 Explosive Detection Dogs.

The multi-single engine helicopters were assigned to the PNP-SAF primarily to support internal security, law enforcement and public safety operations of PNP units in Mindanao and Visayas.

The combat helmets, tactical radios, body armor, sidearms, motorcycles and patrol vehicles will fill-up the shortage among the line units while the light machine guns will be used by the PNP Maritime Group to arm its newly-acquired fleet of high-speed watercrafts for police maritime patrol operations in coastal areas.