Pres. Johnson must have been crying now

FOR about a week now, as of this writing, some 100 major American cities— “from coast to coast,” as reported by CNN—have been rocked by violent street protests highlighted by arson, looting and clashes with the police and the National Guard. 

The protests were sparked by the “murder” (as the indictment stated) last May 25 of African-American (read: black American) George Floyd by a white Minnesota policeman, Derek Chauvin, who pinned the already handcuffed Floyd to the ground by pressing one of his knees on Floyd’s neck.

Already pleading and saying he can no longer breath, Floyd’s pleas were ignored and minutes later he was dead.

Yours truly had also watched a CNN report that when the news broke out, Floyd’s friends, neighbors and plain kibitzers immediately trooped to the residence of Chauvin to demand that he be arrested—but was greeted by a phalanx of Minnesota policemen who were obviously there to protect their colleague.

It was this, the ugly display of one side of the American justice system—where the colored people are either beaten to near death or killed in cold blood by the white members of the police force—that has sparked those “race riots” whose end is not yet in sight.

And yes, the riots now happening in American streets should be a timely reminder to all of us that for all the pontification of American officials—even Hollywood-- to the rest of the world about the “importance” of ‘human rights’ or ‘equality of all races’ or ‘justice,’ these were never true in American society.

And this is a truism since even before its founding as an independent country in 1775, during its ‘War of Independence’ against British Imperialism.

On the other hand, the violence we are seeing in Uncle Sam’s home country should also be seen as a “revolt” of all ordinary Americans about their indignation on the prostitution of their own criminal justice system; it shows too that they are “tired” of their authorities’ penchant to discriminate against the colored races in America, especially the blacks, the Latinos and of late, those from Asia, especially the Chinese.

Pres. Lyndon Johnson, himself a well-known “white racist” during the early part of his political career, has tried to compensate by bamboozling the US Congress to pass the ‘Civil Rights Bill’ in 1964 (and which he signed into law in July as part of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution). The Civil Rights Act, is to him, part of his “dream” of creating the ‘Great American Society.’

Johnson not only strong-armed most “White Supremacists” in the US Congress and even within his Cabinet to sign-on and support the Civil Rights Act not only to divert public outrage over his reckless expansion of the Vietnam War and atoned for his previous “racist” views.

More importantly, he pushed for this legislation because he sincerely believed that true, real and genuine equality of all races and gender in American society is the key to American national unity, national peace and further greatness for the United States.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made it illegal in the United States to “discriminate” against any one by virtue of race, color, gender and religion. Indeed, this was a truly momentous and historic moment for the United States that even Martin Luther King, the leader of the black civil rights movement, was even present when Johnson signed it into law.

And seeing how much racism has remained as a great, destabilizing factor until now in American society, Johnson must have been not only turning on his grave but more importantly, crying profusely too! The Great American Society, then and now, is just another great American “dream,” huhuhu!


Going back here in our shores, ‘what pisses me off,’ so to speak, dear readers, was over the way those self-appointed ‘human rights’ and ‘civil libertarians’ (read: the communists and the ‘Dilawans’) have remained silent on what is happening now in the United States. And throw in too, the UN’s human rights ‘Special Rapporteur, Agnes Callamard.

Indeed, it makes the blood of any rational man boil that while avoiding to comment against the “abuses” of the police and bankruptcy of the American criminal justice system, they continue to instead focus their angst against our government, specifically, Pres. Duterte’s administration.

Callamard, instead of denouncing the US police force for the murder of Floyd, Eric Garner (another black man killed by the police in 2014) and many more before them, would rather attack Pres. Rody for using our police forces in the fight against COVID-19! WTF!

Another target of their bigotry and xenophobia of course, is China, as they railed against the Chinese government for trying to maintain law and order in their own national territory, such as Hongkong, which is now the target of unending destabilization by US Imperialism and the rest of the West.

Hongkong residents, even the young ones, are randomly being killed by CIA and MI6- funded “protesters” and private properties being burned and vandalized since last year.

But instead of condemnation, they are even being praised by the UN, by the mainstream Western and local media and with the “approval” of those ‘human rights’ advocates and other ‘bleeding hearts’ here.

This clear exhibition of prejudice also clearly shows the extent of these bunch’s hypocrisy and is another vivid example of why these people utterly lacks credibility and should not be believed at all. Mahiya naman kayo!