Public told: Report ‘mulcting’ PNP-FEO, SOSIA personnel

November 14, 2019

GUNHOLDERS, security guards and others seeking clearances and other permits from the Philippine National Police Firearms and Explosives Office and PNP Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies, read this.

In case you encounter anybody from the two units under the PNP Civil Security Group who are involved in illegal transactions or are showing incompetence, immediately report them to the CSG hotlines 0977-0170 302 (Globe) and 0919-2296 432 (Smart).

PNP-CSG director, Brigadier General Roberto B. Fajardo said that since last month, he has already ordered the administrative relief and investigation of over 70 CSG, FEO and SOSIA uniformed and non-uniformed personnel over continuing allegations of corruption.

Last Friday, the official said that over 40 Police Non-Commissioned Officers and Non-Uniformed Personnel of the PNP-CSG were affected by their continuing crackdown against corruption.

Fajardo told the Journal Group that despite the first major revamp he ordered two weeks ago which affected 27 key CSG, FEO and SOSIA officers amid allegations of corrupt practices contrary to his strict ‘no-take policy,’ he continued to receive information that the accused continued their malpractices which were reported by their clients and other stakeholders.

They include cases of so-called ‘Piso-Piso’ click in which the final click on the computer will only be made in exchange for P100 as well as the highly-irregular ‘Non-Appearance’ transactions in which licenses and other permits can be issued without the end-user appearing in person at Camp Crame in exchange for grease money as high as P30,000 each paper.

“Despite the first major revamp I implemented two weeks ago which affected 27 officers, we have received information that the PNCOs and NUPs continued their corrupt ways. Their reason is that officers come and go while they are usually left in offices and just have to lay low before resuming their money-making activities as soon as officers going after them are transferred to other offices,” Fajardo said.

Fajardo said that shortly after he assumed the top PNP-CSG post, he learned that insiders have given the acronym PNP the meaning ‘Police na Fixer’ while NUPs are called ‘Non-Uniformed Pixer.’ He added that these personnel have been monitored transacting business with their clients at the Eagle’s Nest restaurant near the Camp Crame gym and the Chowking fast-food restaurant near Camp Crame’s Gate 2.

The official said that the second revamp at the CSG is in line with his determined bid to deter if not stop corruption in the unit and in consonance with President Duterte’s order to further streamline the processing of government transactions in three working days and in compliance with Republic Act 11032 otherwise known as the ‘East of Doing Business Act of 2018.’

The member of Philippine Military Academy ‘Hinirang’ Class of 1987 said it is indeed necessary to reorganize key positions in the entire CSG and appoint officers who are eager to take the lead for bigger and more challenges.

The official said that other CSG, FEO and SOSIA Assistant Chiefs and Section Chiefs were also included in the major reshuffle. “If the Senior Officers cannot stop the corruption in FEO, SOSIA and CSG, maybe the Junior Officers who will replace them can deliver,” he emphasized.

It was the biggest revamp to be affected by any sitting CSG director in the unit which regulates the issuance of firearms and explosives as well as private security licenses and permits.

Fajardo said he has given his new officials two to three months to prove their worth. “They will be evaluated and should prepare for another revamp within the prescribed period,” he said.

During the first revamp he ordered, Fajardo said 27 key officers of the CSG, FEO and SOSIA were relieved amid their failure to strictly follow President Duterte’s directive for them to ensure the ‘ease of doing business’ particularly on processing of simple transactions, at the very least in just three days.

“However, we have discovered some anomalies in those units including the so-called ‘non-appearance’ and the highly-irregular practice of some officers to hold the release of already signed documents unless they are given grease money,” the official said.

The official said that he wants the further streamlining of the process flow of permits and licenses in the FEO and the SOSIA so that they can let their clients experience the convenience of the “Ease of Doing Business” preferably within three days without sacrificing the requirement of the law.