Rogue politicians

January 06, 2019

LIKE unscrupulous policemen, “rogue politicians,” many of them local government executives, are menace to society and tarnish the image of the Philippines in the international community.

Thus, it is no wonder that the 190,000-strong Philippine National Police (PNP) is flexing its muscles on these erring politicians as the campaign period for the forthcoming polls approaches.

PNP chief Director-General Oscar “Odie” D. Albayalde warned political candidates, who resort to violence just to ensure their victory in the May 13 national and local elections.

In warning “rouge politicians,” the hard-hitting Albayalde, a member of Class 1986 of the elite Philippine Military Academy (PMA), said “the long arms of the law will eventually catch on you.”

Since last month, Albayalde has ordered the cancellation of the firearms’ licenses and permit-to-carry-firearms-outside-of-residence of three erring officials, including a congressman.

“It’s a simple case of hitting them hard and the PNP chief’s move literally had badly affected their movements, specifically during the coming campaign period,” said a police official.

In the view of well-meaning Filipinos, the election of unscrupulous politicians in the coming elections will be a major blow to the Duterte administration’s war against graft and corruption.

No less than tough-talking President Duterte is spearheading the nationwide campaign to ensure the holding of clean, honest, orderly, peaceful and credible elections on May 13.

We commend the PNP leadership for its determination to go after “rogue politicians” without fear or favor.

Certainly, the men and women in police uniform will have the support of the people, including the ordinary citizens, as they exert their best efforts to hit hard at the country’s political warlords.