A Senate lesson: Don’t tempt Sen. Dick to investigate!

October 04, 2019

ON Thursday, the Senate adjourned (for the time being) its probe on the GCTA law that has “segued,” so to speak, into police corruption, mainly on one of the causes why illegal drugs remain a social menace until now—the existence within the PNP of criminal elements engaged in the drug trade, the so-called, ‘Ninja Cops.’

And from the bottom of our heart, we can only shower “praises” to P/Major Rodney Baloyo, for his “exemplary bravery” and “consistency” in lying through his teeth—and without batting an eyelash too—despite the overwhelming evidence presented proving he is a liar through and through.

I mean, let’s give it to the man, dear readers. It takes a higher degree of bravery to persist on his “STL” (story-telling-a-lie) before a public hearing— being watched by the entire globe to include his friends, family and possibly, other victims of his and his men’s criminal ways— and come out seemingly unconcerned as to the consequences.

But “insulting” the Senate has its own consequences—”we can be very mean,” as Sen. Richard Gordon warned repeatedly—and for this, Baloyo ended up being jailed at the NBP for that much-needed, “soul-searching.”

Ang tanong naman natin, may “konsensiya” (at kaluluwa) pa kaya itong mga katulad ni Baloyo na “nasanay” na sa gawaing masama?

Sen. Ping Lacson, the most experienced of the lawmakers present in terms of police operations, summed up neatly what had happened in Mexico, Pampanga, on November 29, 2013, when Baloyo and his 12 confederates staged that fake “buy-bust” at the house of a suspected drug lord, Johnson Lee.

It was, all along, a “project” of Baloyo’s group that unraveled simply because he and his men also aspired for “glory” thru a media presentation of their bogus accomplishment.

Talking along the line of, “kung hindi kayo naghangad pa na magpapogi, hindi sana kayo mabibisto,” Sen. Ping summarized clearly why Baloyo, his gangmates and unnecessarily for that matter, Chief PNP Oscar Albayalde, are now in a big mess.

Translation? “Kumita” na ng milyones sa kanilang krimen, gusto pang “magpapogi” sa media. Buking, ahahay!

Watching Thursday’s proceedings, it is at this point, Sen. Dick Gordon, that it struck me that what was happening was just a “reprise” of your previous investigations of the shabu smuggling controversies involving the Bureau of Customs. Indeed, this latest probe is a “déjà vu” of sort.

For looking back, dear readers, it was also their aspiring for “glory” and public acclaim that led to the removal of then Customs Commissioner Nicanor ‘Mang Kanor’ Faeldon at the BoC in 2017.

I am referring to that May 2017 “raid” by the BoC at the Hong Fei Logistics warehouse in Valenzuela where tons of shabu, worth more than P6.4 billion, were found hidden inside several metal cylinders.

In the course of the Senate’s investigation of this incident under the Blue Ribbon Committee of Sen. Dick, it turned adversely against Comm. Nick and his group.

This, after the committee uncovered the many violations the BoC committed in the handling of the recovered evidence and worse, the many shenanigans at the BoC under Mang Kan, err, Comm. Nick.

And yes, like Baloyo, Comm. Nick would spend several months under Senate custody also for the same offense, “lying” or, to put it mildly, being “evasive” in his answers.

In this incident, had the BoC stuck to the procedures on drug seizure—which means “sharing the limelight” with the PDEA (a scenario they don’t seem to like), things would have turned out differently.

Now, remember the discovery of magnetic lifters emptied of its shabu contents worth more than P11 billion in August 2018 and which ended with the transfer of BoC chief, Sid Lapeña to TESDA?

This was preceded, a day before, by the BoC’s apprehension at the MICP of a huge shipment of shabu also hidden inside a magnetic lifter.

Some people at the PNP, the BoC and the PDEA, with hogging the limelight in mind and eager to “prove” that Lapeña is “incompetent” (while lusting for the P20 million “reward” for his removal at the BoC) made a huge issue over the magnetic lifters abandoned at the GMA Cavite warehouse, some two months before.

Had those who conspired against Lapeña and who were behind the shabu shipments just kept “silent,” as what Sen. Ping “suggested” to Baloyo last Thursday after their “successful hulidap” in Mexico, Pampanga in 2013, they would not have been unmasked.

In the end, those wanting Lapeña out of BoC got what they want—he was removed—but what a price to pay in exchange:

Jimmy Guban, the BoC intel officer who is central to this conspiracy against Lapeña is now under government custody while his two main confederates, erstwhile PDEA deputy director, Ismael Fajardo and dismissed PNP colonel, Jojo Acierto, remain in hiding.

As to what “fate” awaits Albayalde, this remains to be seen. However, the fate of the Ninja cops who, some quarters are decided on “tying up” to him, is now clear—they are on their way out of the PNP.

(Here, let us point out the key similarity between the situation, another “déjà vu,” of Albayalde today and Lapeña back then—they were both ‘blindsided’ or “binulag” by their men).

From this narrative, dear readers, the other important lesson is this: Don’t ever “tempt” the Senate, especially the Blue Ribbon Committee of Sen. Dick, to start a probe on public officials’ shenanigans.

For as we have seen since Sen. Dick chaired the Blue Ribbon Committee, the Senate cannot be used as a forum to advance ulterior motives. Indeed, a Senate probe handled by Sen. Dick might even “boomerang” on those with hidden agenda to promote as every ending is wholly “unpredictable.”

Translation? Mabibisto at mabibisto kasi kayo, tama ba, kapatid na Lee Ann Ducusin?

And finally, is it true that Sen. Dick is “gathering” documents involving the BoC now under our good friend, Comm. Rey Leonardo ‘Jagger’ Guerrero?

Eh, “nakakatakot” ‘yan, hehehe, ayy, huhuhu!