SMDC, law enforcers to smoke drugs out of condos

December 08, 2019

High-value targets in high-rise hide-outs.

The elevated anti-narcotics campaign could not be more mission-specific.

The National Police has vowed intensified campaign against illegal drugs, this time focusing on high-value targets.

PNP spokesperson Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac made the remark after President Duterte said he wants the next PNP chief to ensure that he can eliminate drug lords from the country,

“There is nothing to worry about because we know that the President is really emphasizing his campaign against illegal drugs and he wants to arrest the HVTs like drug lords and drug traffickers,” Banac told reporters.

Quite thankfully, high-rise developers re taking a pro-active role in the anti-drug drive.

In fact, SM Development Corp. and law enforcement agencies forged a partnership to stop the use of high-end condominium units as drug dens by syndicates.

Last year, government anti-narcotics agents have started to arrest a number of big-time drug pushers and confiscation of the multi-million peso  worth of illegal drugs in various raids in condominium units in Metro Manila.

Recent operations include the P204 million worth of shabu seized in a Pasig City condo unit and the more than P455 million worth of shabu in a subdivision in Las Piñas City.

At the course of the investigation, then National Capital Region Police Office  director Maj. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar said  big-time drug pushers have been choosing condo units and other tightly-guarded communities as their hideouts.

In one of the raids, it was Eleazar who encouraged an official of the SMDC to start a partnership with the police and other law enforcement agencies, particularly in the aspect of illegal drugs campaign launched by President Duterte.  

Thus, SMDC, in a statement recently, said one of the arrangements they made with the government’s law-enforcement agencies is to coordinate for any anti-illegal drug operations that would be undertaken within their premises.

This would provide law enforcers the clearance to go inside the target units from the security managers and conduct the operations without interference from existing SMDC security protocols.

“We believe that this coordination serves as the best middle ground between the mandate of the government to run after criminal elements and our responsibility to protect the owners of our properties,” the property developer stated.

Such arrangement has resulted in the smooth conduct of operations in the past month, meaning, other condominium unit owners were not disturbed, and in fact, were not even aware that an operation was conducted.

In return, SMDC has been conducting a series of training programs and seminars not only for their security guards but also for all the staff of their properties.

The training and seminars include inviting resource speakers from the PNP, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, and the National Bureau of Investigation to teach security guards and other employees on the basics of detection of any criminal activities being done inside their respective properties.

Those activities, according to SMDC, have been extended to owners of its properties, citing the need for all occupants to watch each other’s back under their Community Protection program.


Malacañang has dismissed as “utter disrespect” the International Criminal Court’s insistence that it has jurisdiction to proceed with a preliminary examination of President Duterte’s anti-narcotics crackdown, despite the country’s withdrawal from the international tribunal.

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo maintained that the ICC has no jurisdiction over the Philippines, which he said is an “independent” country” that has a working justice system.

“The Philippines as an independent State, through its duly constituted authorities, must not be waylaid by any force, internal or external, in going about its task of serving and protecting the Filipino people,” Panelo said in a statement.

“Any resort, therefore, to a foreign tribunal relative to the management of our country's state policies is utter disrespect, and any complainant who does it who is a citizen of the Republic, is an infidel to the sovereign aspirations of this Republic,” he added.

He issued the statement after the ICC, in its “preliminary examination activities” report for 2019, noted that it intends to conclude its initial review of Duterte’s drug war by 2020 to determine the possible necessity to conduct a full-blown investigation into the Philippines’ campaign against narcotics trade.

The Philippines became a party to the Rome Statute, which creates the ICC, on Nov. 1, 2011.

The country, however, officially cut ties with ICC on Mar. 17, 2019, exactly a year after Duterte submitted a formal notice of revocation of its membership from the international tribunal due to its “brazen display of ignorance of the law.”

The ICC’s preliminary examination of Duterte’s drug war launched by prosecutor Fatou Bensouda pushed through in February 2018, as it noted that it has jurisdiction over the possible crimes perpetrated during the period the Philippines was a state party to the Rome Statute.

The ICC’s preliminary examination stemmed from a complaint lodged by lawyer Jude Sabio, accusing Duterte of committing crimes against humanity for the thousands of alleged extrajudicial killings of drug personalities since the drug war was waged on July 1, 2016 until Mar. 31, 2017.


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