‘Welcome to the club,’ PAGCOR chair Domingo!

August 19, 2019

BEFORE proceeding, yours truly also condole with the family and friends of former DENR secretary, Gina Lopez, for her untimely passing yesterday. She was only 65.

While I never had the opportunity to meet her personally, I admire her passion and commitment in pursuit of her many advocacies such as end to child exploitation, mass poverty and of course, her vigilance in protecting our environment.

Indeed, her fellow members in our country’s ruling class must have been shocked to their very core that “someone” among them, Sec. Gina, would be in the frontline in the fight to “moderate their greed,” so to speak, thus forcing them to band together to frustrate her confirmation before the Commission on Appointments in 2017.

And over this incident, our “honourable” lawmakers should also take their full share of blame for once again proving to everyone that, yes Jose, their true “bosses” are not the “people” but the country’s ruling class. Nakakahiya!

May Secretary Gina find eternal peace and happiness in the company of the Almighty.

But if there’s “bad news” there is also “good news” and in this respect, a noisy ‘Congratulations’ once again to NCRPO director, Guillermo Eleazar, for being the recipient of the ‘Quezon Medalya ng Karangalan,’ the highest award given by the province of Quezon to its native sons (and daughters).

The recognition, which he fully deserves, by the way, was conferred to him yesterday in Lucena City, on the occasion of the birth of former president, Manuel Luis Quezon, for whom the province was named.

Mabuhay ka, Gen. Eleazar at harinawang magpatuloy pa ang iyong mga tagumpay! Is it, “see you at the White House” in a few months time, hehehe!


Yesterday’s ‘Meet the Press/Report to the Nation’ media forum was another “jampacked event” with no less than PAGCOR chair, Andrea ‘Didi’ Domingo as guest.

I used to cover her back when she was the commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) under the Macapagal Arroyo administration.

Prior to this, Chairperson Didi had begged off to our invitation as she was not feeling quite well due to the pressure of her work and her presence yesterday duly compensated the media for their “long wait” as she answered all the questions they fielded her.

I am sure that our colleagues who were present yesterday would be reporting on all the issues they raised so there is no need for yours truly to detail some of them here.

Anyway, her guesting must have been another slap in the face of former NPC president Louie Logarta and his minions who never get tire of insulting and denigrating the organization that he once led— and led it to near ruin and disrepute by the way— because he is once again proven to be a farce and a clown.

Before she leaves, the NPC “gifted” Domingo with her membership certificate and ID (she is a good journalist and columnist by the way) and with that, another respected name has been added to the NPC’s membership roster, along the likes of PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar and DAR secretary, John Castriciones ‘Kuya’Daniel Razon of UNTV and Manila Times COO Dante ‘Klink’ Ang II, among others.

Well, what can I say, but, “welcome to the Club,” PAGCOR chair, Andrea Domingo! Mabuhay ka!

And of course, kudos again to our beautiful “kapatid,” Twinkle Valdez and Eric Balcos at PAGCOR for their untiring support to the country’s oldest and biggest organization of active members of the press!

And as you are reading this, today is the first ‘BoC Meet the Press’ forum, an activity that I have been suggesting to Comm. Jagger Guerrero for the longest time already, hehehe.

And guess what, PTFoMS director, Joel Sy Egco, the gentleman who called to invite me to join the forum is none other than our good friend and former AFP-CRS chief, MGen. Bienvenido Datuin, who vowed out of service just recently.

At siya na pala ang bagong “bosing” sa BoC PIAD (Public Information Assistance Division).

Now, given his experience and the two “stars” on his shoulder  boards while in active service, I am quite sure his new position as PIAD chief would just be a “walk in the park,” so to speak.
Or is it?