Who will police the police?

September 26, 2019

The issue of confiscated illegal drugs being ‘recycled’ by some ‘enterprising,’ rogue policemen is actually nothing new.

At least among the media circles, such illicit practice had long been ‘rumored,’ to say the least,  but not one from the ranks of those who have the power or personality to expose this dared to rise and bring the issue to the fore.

I suspect that either they were into it, are afraid to cross swords with members of law enforcement or are merely unconcerned because they have nothing to gain from doing it.

Having been in the media for decades now, I’m pretty sure this disgusting practice had been there for the longest time.

It took the guts of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Director Aaron Aquino for this issue to be finally put out in the open and hopefully, something good comes out of it.

When Aquino made public the issue which, to the general public, may actually be considered a huge revelation, it was probably out of exasperation.  Imagine having to build up a drug case and then spending a lot of time and effort strategizing and enforcing the plan to come up with a successful operation, only for everything to be put to naught just like that, because some unscrupulous cops have come into the picture.

In his bold testimony before the Senate, Aquino said that some rogue policemen use confiscated illegal drugs to either sell them or use them as evidence in bogus operations. They are what we now call ‘ninja cops.’

Sorry to say, but I simply have no objection to the ‘no mercy’ treatment for these kinds of law enforcers. If they get killed for what they have done, they probably deserve it.

As policemen, these people get paid using taxpayers’ money.  They are issued by the government a badge, uniform, ID, gun and what have you, supposedly ‘to serve and protect’ the ordinary citizen from all kinds of criminalities and their perpetrators.

When policemen like these so-called ‘ninja cops’ do the exact opposite by being the criminals themselves, using their power and authority and everything else that goes with it  to enrich themselves at the expense of law-abiding citizens, it is pretty hard to find room for understanding and forgiveness.

As it is, even policemen getting hooked on illegal drugs is already unforgiveable and unfathomable. What more if these policemen, whose salaries and authority emanate from the people, use such authority to perpetrate crimes themselves? Who will and can police the police?

The  illicit activities of  some policemen involving drugs is just one issue . It may be worth looking into other, equally pressing issues hounding the police force for the longest time.

It is common perception that where a policeman is assigned, his ‘field of expertise’ is usually developed and polished there. For example, a cop assigned to theft and robbery section usually has thieves and robbers under his wing.  An anti-kidnapping operative would normally have an unholy alliance with kidnappers. And so on and so forth.

Let me be clear though. I am not making a sweeping statement since I know that there are still many policemen who are really dedicated to their duties and in upholding the law at all times.

In fact, my heart goes out to them, given the fact that people tend to generalize and how recent negative developments have stained the reputation of law enforcement members in the country, particularly the Philippine National Police.


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