Responsibility in social media

January 19, 2020
WE live in rapidly changing times, thanks to the technological wonders of internet and social media. As fast as we can click and send, we can broadcast messages to friends, relatives and to just about anybody, anywhere in the world. This despite the fact that Philippines remains the slowest and most expensive – in terms of connectivity – in this part of the world.

Paid parking spaces

January 19, 2020
MOTOR vehicle owners and drivers get this feeling that their worries and problems will soon be over with the filing of a bill in Congress seeking the regulation of paid parking spaces.

‘Zero hunger’

January 18, 2020
WITH just 29 months before June 30, 2022, the administration of President Duterte is still up against one of its greatest challenges: millions of people remain hungry due to extreme poverty.

Price freeze

January 17, 2020
UNSCRUPULOUS traders and retailers run circles around the country’s laws, rules and regulations during man-made and natural calamities, like typhoons, floods and earthquakes.

Cops warned anew vs illegal use of recovered MV’s, MCs

January 15, 2020
PHILIPPINE National Police Officer-in-Charge, Lieutenant General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa has reiterated his warning to fire any police officer or men who will be found using recovered motor vehicles and motorcycles specifically those assigned in police stations and police-community precincts and district and provincial headquarters in Metro Manila and the rest of the country.