We cannot forget you Donna

September 18, 2018
Marian Patalinhug, more known by her screen name of Donna Villa who very unfortunately passed away on January 17, 2017 of cancer more than a year and a half ago, is lamented to this day. Donna was a beautiful person, in and out, and so full of life.

Disaster connectivity

September 18, 2018
When disaster strikes communication is the key to moving food, medicine, clothing, and other emergency supplies to affected communities.

Highway extortionists

September 17, 2018
EXTORTIONISTS in government uniform are said to be one of the principal reasons why prices of goods, particularly rice and other agricultural products, continue to spiral beyond the reach of the poor.

The dream of someone else

September 16, 2018
ONE of my favorite movie scenes is this one from You Got Mail. Meg Ryan’s character had just broken up with her boyfriend (no, not Tom Hanks. Greg Kinnear). The guy asked “What about you? Is there someone else?” Meg replied wistfully, “No, no... but there is the dream of someone else.”

Ang Bagyo ng Inflation at ni Ompong

September 16, 2018
ANG bagyong Ompong ay dumating hatid ang malakas na hangin at nakalulunod na ulan. Tiyak na may mga pananim na malapit ng anihin ang masasalanta at may mga buhay na mawawala. Ngunit ang masungit na panahon ay aalis at aalis sa ating kapuluan. Pero ang bagyo ng inflation ay nanatili sa ating bansa.

Lifetime phone number

September 16, 2018
THE House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading a bill mandating telecommunication companies (telcos) to provide a subscriber with a “lifetime” cellular phone number.

We are prepared

September 16, 2018
As I write this column, Friday afternoon, we are prepared for the coming Ompong typhoon. It is not anymore a super typhoon, as per news reports. But the winds are quite strong and what we are preparing for are the floods and storm surges in the coastal areas.

We will weather the storm

September 16, 2018
I join the entire country in praying that indeed, we will weather the onslaught of typhoon ‘Ompong’ and prevent serious casualties due to the massive government preparation spearheaded no less by President Duterte himself last Thursday.