It’s the ‘corrupt’ who must go

January 14, 2020
For as it turned out, the PNP remains among the most “unreformed” organizations in our bureaucracy despite repeated vows by its leadership, past and present, that they are “committed” to its continuing reform. Heck, they even came out with a “roadmap” the PNP is supposed to implement continuously and consistently since the time of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Duterte’s reminder

January 14, 2020
THE non-completion of government projects, including those designed to uplift the living conditions of the people, before June 30, 2022 is something President Duterte will never allow.

SMaRT runs after illegal meat; Medina and asset to BI

January 14, 2020
Kudos to the Special MayoU’s Reaction Team (SMaRT) headed by PMajor Rosalino ‘Jhun’ Ibay, Jr. for the arrest of Cai Changfen, a 52-year-old trader from Binondo, Manila; Rogelio Edeinal, 50, of 1911 Laguna Ext., Narra St., Tondo,; and Joshua Almario, 22, for violation of the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines and the Food Safety Act.

Caveat Emptor – Let the buyer beware

January 13, 2020
Taal volcano’s active rumblings, with threat of explosion, has caused so much inconveniences and fear on the people in the neighboring towns of Cavite and Batangas. The lahar alone that it spewed has done so much harm to many homes, roads, plants, animals, etc… and the ashfalls reached as far as some parts of Metro Manila. As things are today, the air is polluted and dangerous to health. Use masks, if you can. It’s a must these days.

Righting trade wrongs

January 13, 2020
While the state should be an impartial administrator of justice among opposing sectors of society, it must always show preferential treatment for citizens or consumers.

Ashfall vs asshole

January 13, 2020

MAS DELIKADO ang nagkalat na asshole kaysa sa  ashfall nang sumabog ang bulkang Taal.

Isipin mo nga naman, habang ang buong gobyerno ng lokal at nasyunal ay abala sa paglikas ng mga apekt

Body cams for PNP narcs this year

January 13, 2020
EXPECT Philippine National Police anti-narcotics agents and other field operatives to wear Body-Worn Cameras or BWCs this year as part of the PNP leadership’s effort to ensure transparency in all its operations, said PNP Officer-in-Charge, Lieutenant General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa.

‘Counting days’ sa BoC?

January 13, 2020
BAGO ang lahat, muli nating binabati si NPC auditor Boying Abasola at NPC director, Alvin Murcia, sa kanilang magkasunod na pagdiriwang ng kaarawan noong nakaraang linggo. Ang “tanong” na lang: “kailan” kayo, “magpapauga,” hehehe! Happy birthday, mga “brod!”

Pay hike payback

January 12, 2020
In the private sector, business leaders and industry captains insist that wage adjustments should come hand in hand with productivity gains. A demand that is quite reasonably fair.

PNP-DEG’s haul so far under Gamboa: Nearly P3.2-B worth of shabu

January 12, 2020
GOING after known ‘high-value targets’ or HVTs upon the instruction of Philippine National Police Officer-in-Charge, Lieutenant General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa, agents of the PNP Drug Enforcement Group headed by Colonel Romeo M. Caramat Jr. since October last year have already accounted for nearly P3.4 billion worth of shabu as a result of eight major anti-narcotics operations, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

A ‘timely’ call

January 11, 2020
WITH just two-and-a-half years left in his administration, President Duterte has called on the public to be compassionate and help in securing a better future for the country and the people.