A “win-win” for all

UNDER the People’s Small Scale Mining Act of 1991, the Bangko Sentral is supposed to buy the gold produce of small miners. The purchased gold is then refined into world quality gold bars at the BSP’s Security Plant Complex in Quezon City. The gold bars are then sold in the world market but some are physically kept in the BSP’s vault.

Service reputation comes in handy in PNP reorg

AS I have earlier written this week, the Senate victory of former Philippine National Police chief, retired General Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa and former Special Assistant to President Duterte, Secretary Christopher Lawrence ‘Bong’ Go is expected to trigger another reorganization of some key PNP positions.

When bad things happen to good workers

May 25, 2019
SOME cynic said, “No good deed goes unpunished.” We have this strong moral sense that good things should happen to good people. We also agree that bad things should happen to bad people. What we don’t understand is why bad things happen to good people. We do a terrific job but instead of being recognized or rewarded, we are being persecuted or punished. If our employers have a grievance system, I would suggest that we avail of it by all means. But what about situations when we keep getting flak we don’t deserve and there is nothing we can do about it?

Police training

May 25, 2019
This, despite the PNP leadership’s total war against rogues in uniform as ordered by tough-talking President Duterte, whose six-year presidency ends at 12 noon on June 30, 2022.

The sociology of campaign poster

AT least 145.42 tons of campaign materials have been collected in Metro Manila alone the day after the 2019 elections based on the report of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). In fact, according to the MMDA, the city with the most campaign waste collected so far was Manila, with around 30,000 pieces of campaign trash. Quezon City came in second with 25,000 pieces, followed by Parañaque with 13,000 pieces, Makati with 10,400, and Caloocan with 8,000 pieces.


May 24, 2019
THE reported backlog in trial courts in various parts of this Southeast Asian nation of English-speaking people is something that should be addressed by the government.

Be careful what you wish for, Sen. Mark Rubio

IF the breakdown in the trade negotiations between the United States and China is not bad news enough, the “badder” news that yours truly finds really worrying is the announcement by US Republican Sen. Mark Rubio, that he has filed a bill for a “South China Sea and East China Sea Sanctions Act.”