Locally-stranded people

July 07, 2020
IT is only just and proper for concerned government authorities to return to their homes all locally-stranded individuals (LSIs) in various parts of the Philippines, which continues to grapple with COVID-19.

Plasma to the rescue

July 07, 2020
"There is hope in the use of plasma as a possible treatment for Covid-19, with clinical trials now being conducted by the PGH (Philippine General Hospital). The World Health Organization also sanctioned the use of plasma in other pandemics like the Ebola outbreak in Africa," Marcos said.

‘Informal settlers’

July 06, 2020
VARIOUS quarters, particularly the poorest of the poor, now see a city government that is really committed to uplift the living conditions of Manilans, including the “informal settlers.”

The law must apply to all

Rules applied to Banco Filipino should apply to all, said LKY Group president and CEO Wilbert Lee, who urged the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to conduct a full inquiry into a DOSRI (Directors, Officers, Stockholders and. Related Interests) complaint he filed against China Bank.

Why do i even bother?

July 04, 2020
On a Thursday morning, I chaired a department meeting and, knowing that it will spill over to our lunch break, ordered plated meals for everyone. That employee was assigned for night shift duty, so he wasn’t in the meeting. But I included him in the order, anyway. After the meeting concluded, I asked his colleagues to pack his meal and give it to him later that evening.

Nat’l ID system

July 04, 2020
A FEW days after completing the first four years of his six-year term of office, President Duterte continues to fine-tune his program of action to provide immediate service to the people even during trying times.