How would a flat Earth even work?

September 22, 2018
Among scientific and skeptical types, clowning on flat-earthers is a pastime as old as Washington Irving. But the fun isn’t just in the myriad ways that you can prove that the Earth is round (er, a roughly spherical ovoid). It’s also in imagining what life would be like if the Earth was actually flat. The problems start with the simple issue of gravity.

Ban on tricycles

September 22, 2018
ENFORCING the ban on tricycles and pedicabs on highways and other main roads requires a large dose of political will and collective action among local government officials in the Philippines.

A major concern

September 21, 2018
AS the country’s premier law enforcement agency, the 190,000-member Philippine National Police (PNP) views the killing of local chief executives (LCEs), like town mayors, as a major concern.

Senator ‘You-Know-Me’

BINABASA ninyo ito, dear readers, nasa Guangzhou, China, na ang inyong lingkod, bahagi ng isang delegasyon ng ‘Philippine media,’ na naimbitahan ng ‘Fuda Cancer Hospital,’ isa sa mga “sikat” at “pinagtitiwalaan” na pagamutan sa ‘Chinese mainland, pagdating sa sakit na kanser.