Transfer of PNPA, NPTI to PNP another major reform key

THE die is cast. Soon and the Philippine National Police will take official supervision of the PNP Academy and the National Police Training Institute from the Philippine Public Safety College with the end in view of producing more bright and disciplined police officers and men without anybody but the organization to blame if the graduates turn out to be crooks and scalawags, the Journal Group learned.

Pooh-poohing e-cig proof

Hey, if health authorities do not have any viable alternative to currently available smoking-cessation devices which have been serially vetted by prestigious medical and other scientific experts, organizations and publications, then they are morally bound to allow the unfettered use of these gadgets.

On junk and junkets

Tactless as it seems, it appears that Laurel, the Philippine envoy to Japan, was just being frank when he speculated during a press briefing in Tokyo that Cabinet men were rewarded with the trip because President Duterte “is so elated with the results of the midterm elections.” Laurel added that he learned 200 people comprised the official delegation to Japan.

Eleazar says discipline drive will have no let-up

NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office director, Major General Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar has assured Metro Manila residents their Discipline Drive will continue to be strictly enforced as the number of apprehensions made under the program has proven to be a major factor in keeping peace and order in the metropolis since June 13 last year.