On right track

October 28, 2018
Using this yardstick to size up the Durterte administration as it marks the final months of its first three years in office, it can be said with profuse confidence that it has shown the way, the right path for the people to follow.

A white knight for teachers

Just recently, an equally concerned colleague wrote a passionate defense of the DepEd Order 5 s. 2018 arguing its necessity to protect public school teachers from their “utter lack of financial literacy” while implying that banks are the merciless predators to the financial plight of our public school teachers.

When the cat is away…

October 27, 2018
WHEN the boss is on a business trip, on personal leave or just stepped out of the office for a while, numerous employees feel the urge to goof off. What to do? Work even harder! Lest you think I am a ruthless slave driver, here are six good reasons why the mice should not play while the cat is away.

Boss Komisyoner

SA aking pananaw, panahon na para baguhin ang patakaran sa pagpili ng Komisyoner ng BoC na kadalasan ay mula sa labas, hindi mga career officials ng ahensya ng pamahalaan na kumokolekta ng buwis mula sa mga inaangkat na produkto mula sa ibang bansa para pantustos sa gastusin at pagawaing bayan.