Our cultural mindset

TO understand our identity as a race we must begin to appreciate our thinking processes as a Filipino … the Filipino Mind (psyche). The recognition and understanding of our “lived experience” is the foundational basis of our culture and of our development. For it is in an awareness of who we are as a people that we are able to transform ourselves and be able to face the pressures of our changing times. Being culturally lost and confused in today’s global and borderless world is truly a cause for concern but we have nothing to fear if we continue to remember who we are as a people, and be transformed by this introspective analysis.

‘Dark Overlord’ hackers threaten leak of thousands of secret 9/11 documents

January 25, 2019
Nothing attracts conspiracy theories quite like a national tragedy. Among American conspiracy theories, none has gotten quite so much attention as the 9/11 terrorist attacks (perhaps aside from the Kennedy Assassination). None of us will forget where we were that morning when we heard the news, the images of the airplanes hitting the buildings burned into our cultural consciousness like shadows left behind on concrete by nuclear blasts. No event has changed the course of modern American history quite like the September 11th attacks, and it is likely for that reason that so many conspiracy theories swirl around the event.

Henry Sy, Sr.

January 25, 2019
Henry Sy, Jr. known for his nickname “Big Boy” whom I have known for many years for he was a friend of my nieces and nephews Juanto Morato Cuenca (father of actor Jake Cuenca); and his sisters, my nieces, Alicia Morato Cuenca and Coni when they were studying here in Manila. But both nieces of mine married in Spain, while the two brothers, Juanto and Manny, married Filipinas and stay here in the Philippines.

Shabu, pambayad sa sex?

Sa Quezon City police ay halos nasubaybayan na natin ang ‘career’ ni Matta. Kaya nga noong hepe pa lang ng National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) si Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Oscar Albayalde, si Boss Ely na ang ‘intelligence chief’ sa Metro Manila police force.

‘Good luck,’ Sec. Sid Lapeña

‘Yun nga lang, hindi tayo kasama, dear readers, dahil napasabay naman ito sa ‘annual planning’ ng National Press Club (NPC) na patuloy pa rin naming ginaganap ngayon sa ‘Caliraya Lake’ na sakop ng “matulaing bayan” ng Cavinti, Laguna, hehehe, ayy, huhuhu! Sa akin pang pagkakaalam, ang ‘3-day planning’ na ito ng NPC ay ‘first time’ din na nangyari at asahan ng ating mga miyembro na magreresulta pa ito sa mas magaganda pang mga programa para sa inyo.

New PNP spokesman

January 24, 2019
ONE of the keys to bringing the men and women in uniform closer to the people is the appointment of a highly-effective “mouthpiece” and “publicist” of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Preparing for El Niño

January 23, 2019
THE national government, through the Department of Agriculture (DA), has already created a task force (TF) mandated to address El Niño, which threatens the country’s food security.