“Isang metrong agwat lang tayo”

Nang unang inihayag ang mga salitang ito, marami ang “tumaas ang kilay?” Ano daw ang ibig sabihin nito. Ipinaliwanag naman ng mga  Department of Health (DOH) na kailangang may isang metrong pagitan ang bawat isang tao saan mang lugar sila naroroon.  Ngunit social distancing pa rin ang ginamit na mga salita.

Lazy barangay execs

March 22, 2020
THE national government’s stern warning against “lazy and sleepy” barangay officials across the country is a welcome development in the fight against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Epic mobilization

March 22, 2020
Thus, we agree with and support Sen. Imee Marcos in calling on the government to cut the prices of more medicines and speed up the purchase of critical equipment other than just testing kits, as the country scrambles to fight the spread of coronavirus disease or Covid-19.

Overpriced goods

March 21, 2020
AT this time of national health emergency, the availability of low-priced goods, particularly food and medicine, is a must for the survival of the poor and the rest of the suffering Filipino people.

Quarantine this!

If the 2019 coronavirus sweeping the world like a giant, sharp scythe is not some diabolical germ warfare gone awry (the Spanish, flu which claimed around 20 million lives, came just after World War 1 during which chemical weapons were used), then it must be nature getting even.

Sobriety and propriety

We are really in very troubled times. We ask ourselves why this Coronavirus or Covid 19 had to spread worldwide. I was told by a businessman friend who knows the City of Wuhan well. He told me that it’s a rich industrial city of China. He further explains that most of the spare parts of cars are manufactured in Wuhan and exported, including steel bars for construction and many other products supplied worldwide. He further explained to me that the people of Wuhan are rich; and before the lockdown, about three million of Wuhan’s 10-12 million population left Wuhan to escape the Coronavirus before the lockdown was declared. They all got out of China and went to other Asian countries including the Philippines, Europe, U.S. and elsewhere. That caused the pandemic worldwide. They were the carriers of the Covid 19 virus to other countries. Italy was badly hit by this Covid 19 virus, Italy being what we call a gateway to Europe. From Italy it spread out to other countries in Europe, France including Spain which ranked second after Italy.

Preventable diseases

March 20, 2020
AS the government implements aggressive measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19, there’s now a move in Congress to come up with a mandatory immunization program for preventable diseases.

Once in a while

The course escapes me but the professor’ eccentric ways lingers. And because he was strange, Lilit and I thought we could get away with being stranger. We were seated at the farthest side of the class and had stopped listening to the lecture. We were softly, in whispers, singing our Paulinian high school hymn when the prof decided to cut short our nostalgic trip.