Distressed OFWs

August 25, 2019
LAST Friday’s arrival of 117 more distressed migrant Filipino workers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has thrust out front anew the need to review the country’s overseas employment program.

Erring security agencies

August 24, 2019
This, despite the fact that the original deadline for the surrender of all these guns owned by private security agencies was two years ago, according to the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Missing Bary

I’M referring to a good brilliant friend, Brigadier General Noel ‘Bary’ Baraceros who retired from the police service last August 3 after more than eight years of being the ‘Game Changer’ in the Philippine National Police’s transformation journey. His final task at the PNP was seeing its Performance Governance System ‘Institutionalization’ which is really an unparalleled feat.

It’s over!

August 23, 2019
Political observers blame this partly on the so-called “palakasan” system, which is one of the principal reasons why there’s demoralization in some government offices and agencies.

PNP wants area offices, upgraded ranks

CONTAINED in a Philippine National Police legislative proposal sent to the 18th Congress is a measure that will allow the PNP chief to create Area Police Offices (APOs) in clustered police regional, provincial or city offices or in contiguous areas or those sharing a common border, the Journal Group was told.

Usapin para sa ‘Bayang Karerista’

Katulad kasi sa mga nagdaang taon, ay hindi sila “nagdadalawang isip” na suportahan ang proyektong ito na naglalayong makalikom ng pondo para sa mga “iskolar” ng NPC (mga anak ng media na binibigyan ng ‘subsidy’ ang kanilang edukasyon) at sa patuloy nating pagsasaayos ng gusali at kapaligiran ng NPC na naitayo noong pang 1955 o 64 taon na ang nakaraan.

Porkless nat’l budget

August 22, 2019
In fact, the country’s district and party-list congressmen, headed by Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano, will comply with the Supreme Court (SC) ruling that outlawed any form of pork barrel.

Drive vs illegal recruiters

August 21, 2019
The local associates are Lorezel Mainit Reyes-Sarte, Laila Verano Aquino, Jhona Pestijo Pastora, Rhazmalyn Ibrahim Musa, Josephus Askin Pacer, Vea Casandra Tindugan Berja, Howard Justin Villate Apuntar, Geanmarie Garay Ner, and Julieta Ferrer Mendoza.

PNP pushing for area police offices

ANOTHER legislative measure proposed by the Philippine National Police headed by General Oscar D. Albayalde to the 18th Congress is the PNP Reorganization Act which has five major objectives, first and foremost of which is to transform and develop the PNP into a community-and-service-oriented agency in all aspects of its police and internal security functions, the Journal Group learned.

Strange cases of mass pet vanishings

August 21, 2019
There has been plenty written on mysterious disappearances of human beings, and the cases seem to be countless. Yet, it is not always people who seem to vanish without a trace, and in some cases there have been rather enigmatic vanishings of pets that have gone on to be totally unexplained. Of course they don’t get the same sort of coverage or intense speculation as those of humans, but some of these cases seem to be truly strange in their own right and seem worth looking into. Here are a few of the unsolved mysteries of mass disappearances of pets, which remain to be solved and leave questions in their wakes.