Muntinlupa City @ 24

AT 24, Muntinlupa City is one of the youngest cities in the Philippines. But it has already become one of the most competitive in terms of local governance, financial administration, infrastructure and quality of life for its more than half a million residents.

Pabagu-bagong klima pa rin

March 03, 2019
Marami nang pananim sa mga bukirin at taniman ang naninilaw. Makikita agad ang pagkalanta ng mga dahon ng mga tanim pagkain man o ornamental. Kalagitnaan pa lang ng Pebrero ay pumasok na ang init mula umaga hanggang ikatlo ng hapon.

A traffic solution

So how about trying this scheme. What about a fast lane for vehicles with two or more passengers as is being done for the bus lane? And for single passenger vehicles, these are given a lane that will be not so fast in travel time.

We are all in it (2)

President Trump is not a politician. His kind are those who have better vision, devoid of political hypocrisies that the US of America has had too much of it that most other countries have followed. President Trump is a smart and well-educated person, a Wharton graduate who knows what is good for America, economically. This is the first time America has had a successful businessman from the best business school in which he graduated. I don’t believe there is one in Congress and Senate who achieved so much as President Trump.

Firefighters need help

March 02, 2019
WITH enough investments in modernizing the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), the country’s army of firefighters should be able to save more lives, homes and properties during fires.

Pandaigdigang Taon ng mga Katutubong Wika ang 2019

IDINEKLARA ng UNESCO ang 2019 bilang Pandaigdigang Taon ng mga Katutubong Wika upang sa loob ng 12 buwan, maitampok, mapalaganap at mataguyod ang katotohanan na napakahalaga ng lahat ng mga wika upang makamit ang kaunlaran, kapayapaan at papagkasunduan sa ating daigdig na “multi-lingual”. Kasama na rito ang Pilipinas na may lipunang multi-lingual.

5 killer couples that make us want to die alone

March 02, 2019
THE course of true love never did run smooth, especially not for these creepy couples. Some couples will do anything to be together, but these pairs took it too far. While some guys might bring their paramour flowers, one man chose to mummify his dead lover’s body. And who needs Valentine’s Day when you can write to each other every day in separate prisons? From the Moors Murders to the Ken and Barbie Killers, we don’t mind being single while we read about these crimes of the heart.