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EDSA People Power: A Symbol of Unity and Democracy

This February marks the 36th anniversary of the EDSA People Power reconciliation. It has been perceived as a national victory and reconciliation in the face of adversity, struggle, and crisis. The reconciliation for unity proved to be a key factor in restoring our democracy and gaining our freedom, as well as bringing about the change we desired in our society.

However, as time passes, our yearning for national unity is still far from reality. Despite EDSA’s promises of unity and democracy, we appear to have become much more divided. It is not unity that has dominated, but animosity towards fellow Filipinos that obviously threatens peace and stability. Some continue to use the issues of the past as fuel to discredit fellow Filipinos. Isn’t it better to just learn to forgive in order to strengthen the call for reconciliation we forged and shared during the EDSA while recapturing and cultivating the sense of oneness in confronting today’s issues?

Reconciliation for Unity and Democracy are the true spirit of EDSA. May it remain with us, keeping us awake and vigilant, especially during this election season, to choose a leader who will strengthen our nationalism and our anti-terrorism campaigns, as well as address the nation’s ills, to ensure that the loss of freedom and democracy will not be repeated.

In protecting our democracy and promoting sustainable peace and development, there is no one to depend on but us Filipinos in unity, along with our responsibility, regardless of the challenges confronting our country, our differences of opinion and political colors.

So, as Filipinos, let there be dissenting social and political biases among us, but let us be inspired and united by the spirit of democracy and live in peace and harmony.

-Erica T. Maniago/Central Luzon

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