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Educational cooperation between RP and Taiwan strengthens

The educational cooperation with the Philippines of the Taiwan government was strengthened with the approval of NT$520 million seed fund by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

It was learned that the Taiwanese government, through the Ministry of Education, in aiming to bolster the demand for high-level talent in Taiwan industries as well as strengthen international educational cooperation, is actively attracting outstanding international students under a ‘study and work’ effort in Taiwan.

Building upon the existing “expanding recruitment of overseas students and foreign students in key industry areas, the Ministry of Education of Taiwan plans to invest 5.2 billion New Taiwan Dollars or the equivalent of P9.3 million from 2024 to 2028, to promote International Student enrollment and stay in Taiwan.

This initiative will establish ten overseas bases with the Philippines being the primary location selected by the Taiwan government and is part of Taiwan’s Strategic Initiative: Fostering Talent and Education Collaboration with the Philippines.

In alignment with this new plan of the Taiwanese Ministry of Education, Dr. Lee,Tien-Shang, the President of Kun-Shan University(KSU), which is recognized as a Taiwan Exemplary Technological University, has actively initiated planning and on August 14th of this year, led a delegation which visited the TECO (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) to meet with Ambassador Zhou Ming-Gan. He also extended invitations to Attorney Mark Tolentino, Chief Advisor for Poverty Reduction at the Office of the President of the Philippines and Lee Shi-Ping, Chief of the Overseas Education Division, to jointly organize the New Tailored Programs Education in Taiwan-Philippines.

During the Conference, they not only introduced the establishment of an overseas base in Manila by KSU but also announced plans to set up overseas bases in Cebu, Iloilo, and other locations.

The purpose of establishing these bases is to serve as platforms for academic and industry-academia exchange and collaboration between universities in Taiwan and the Philippines.

Each location will promote high-quality Mandarin, cultural experiences, and preparatory courses, ultimately deepening the international educational exchange and cooperation between universities in both countries.

According to this new plan by the Taiwan Ministry of Education, KSU will establish new specialized programs which offer industry-academia scholarships and living/internship allowances in the Philippines.

The new specialized programs will include dual-degree programs, twoyear bachelor programs, two-year post-bachelor programs and two-year Master’s and Doctoral programs, with a priority focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), finance and semiconductor-related fields. The university will collaborate with businesses at overseas bases to select outstanding local students and jointly design customized curriculum.

Students in these new specialized programs will receive industry-academic scholarships funded by Taiwan’s National Development Fund for up to two years and and living/internship with allowances provided by companies. After graduation, students will be required to work in Taiwan for at least two years to meet the talent needs of the industry.

To implement this high-quality program, a delegation from KSU will visit Rizal Technological University in late September to discuss the details of establishing an official recruitment headquarters in the Philippines.

Due to Rizal Technological University’s excellent academic reputation, convenient transportation and proximity to the capital city of Manila, there will be a significant benefit for students who are interested in coming to Taiwan to study.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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