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Embracing Equity: Lactacyd x Hyoscine N-Butylbromide + Paracetamol (Buscopan Venus) honor women’s individuality for IWD 2023

#IAmWoman Women of Influence

“Equal opportunities are no longer enough” — this year’s International Women’s Day Celebration seeks to move past advocating for equality and start embracing equity – sharing the passion and excitement that comes from valuing and supporting everyone’s differences to create a more inclusive world.

To celebrate the strength and tenacity of Filipina women, Lactacyd and Buscopan Venus created an avenue where women can come and celebrate the power of diversity and inclusivity, sharing experiences on how to thrive through numerous obstacles and emerge as women of impact and influence.

Dubbed #IAmWoman, Lactacyd and Buscopan Venus celebrated International Women’s Day with the aim to unite women from all walks of life and work towards advancing gender equity together with the #IamWoman Femme Council leading the charge.

“Filipina women have long been seen as strong and resilient women, but the Filipina woman of today has broken through multiple glass ceilings at work, at home, and in society,” said Vanee Gosiengfiao, General Manager for Sanofi Consumer Healthcare PHHKTW, “For this year’s women’s day celebration, we wanted to create a positive, inspiring, and empowering avenue for women to be proud of their unique voice and feel motivated to use that voice to break through the boxes we women are often put in.”

Women of Impact: Earning a seat at the table

Despite gains in the representation of women in different industries over the years, it still did not lessen women’s existing barriers in the workforce.

To provide insight on “leading by example”, frontrunners in their respective fields, TV Host and Co-founder of She Talks Asia, Bianca Gonzalez along with the first half of the Femme Council, Sustainable PH President, Shawntel Nieto, Sports Producer and Host, Sam Corrales, Dermatologist, Dr. Kaycee Reyes, and Modern Parenting Editor-in-Chief, Marga Tupaz talked about their experiences gaining leadership in their industries and what it took to earn a seat at the table and make a genuine impact for women.

#IAmWoman Women of Influence

Bianca noted from the discussion that as women leaders in their respective industries, the progress they are pushing for is more than just women’s representation, it is being able to create more spaces for their fellow women to thrive and reach their maximum potential, “Whether it be in our homes, in our circles, and even in our communities- as women, let’s embrace equity and celebrate our own individualities, our experiences, and our journeys.”

She also highlighted that to earn a seat at the table, women must look within and allow themselves to flourish to attain their full potential.

Women of Influence: Thriving under the microscope

With the talk on representation, the conversation moved forward to women in media, particularly the double standards, living up to impossible expectations, and the constant scrutiny women get from the public. To expand on the topic, Bianca along with the second half of the Femme Council, TV Actress and Model, Chesca Kramer, Content Creator and Entrepreneur, Ayn Bernos, and Licensed Professional Teacher and Co-founder of Queer Safe Spaces, Roanne Carreon talked about their lives on-screen and off-screen and the pressures and responsibilities they carry as women of influence.

Chesca Kramer and Ayn Bernos
Chesca Kramer and Ayn Bernos

Gonzalez underscored that the most crucial role as women of influence is becoming responsible role models to the next generation of women and paving the way to allow them to thrive in a safer and more inclusive world.

“At a time we’re in, there’s many voices from social media, there’s friends, people that they meet, so I try to make sure that my children know who their anchor is. So, anchor would have to be, with my children, God first, and then your family. So, keep them grounded, keep them connected to who they really are, and while they know they can come to their parents any time. There is no question that is too hard or too matured. They know that their safe space is with me, where I do not judge them, but I’m here to listen to them,” said Chesca Kramer.

“I feel like it’s so important to present yourself especially if you have your own sphere of influence to be as confident as you can, to embrace yourself as you can because you’re not only representing yourself but other women as well, who are following your footsteps,” Ayn Bernos added.

As the new face of Lactacyd and the voice of the youth, Kendra Kramer, through a video created specifically for the event, also shared her experiences of growing up in the spotlight and how has good role models influenced how she views the world, “I have three main women role models, which two of them is my grandmas and my mom. [And] If there’s one thing that’s common between the three of them is that they like spending time with me a lot, and I feel like that has impacted me so much because I don’t think I’d be the person who I am today if they did not spend as much time with me as they are right now.”

#IamWoman: Your Best Version

IWD Event

Closing the event is Tupaz acknowledging women’s individualities as what makes them unique and resilient and emphasizing the importance of fostering a sense of community where women can be better together.

For Lactacyd and Busocpan Venus, the goal of celebrating women’s day is to uplift and help women become the best versions of themselves inside and out. It was also for this reason that the Femme Council was created, to bring together powerful women who can motivate aspiring Filipinas to be the women they envision themselves to be.

“Brands like Lactacyd and Buscopan Venus exist to help women be the best versions of themselves amidst the challenges that life throws at them on a daily basis, said Gosiengfiao. “We want women to realize that we are here to listen, we understand what they’re going through, and we are here to enable them through their journey in whatever way we can.”

“Embracing equity is a formidable but not entirely impossible task and celebrating our own and each other’s differences brings us one step closer to it,” she added.

#IamWoman IWD Quotes

Bianca Gonzalez
Bianca Gonzalez

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal [People’s Champion-TV Host, Co-founder of She Talks Asia]

  • “Self-care is not selfish; self-love is not selfish.”
Shawntel Nieto
Shawntel Nieto

Shawntel Nieto [The Advocate- Sustainable PH President]

  • “To me, the best thing we can give to the world is when we it’s in giving ourselves the permission to be who we are.”
  • “When we it’s in giving ourselves the permission to be who we are, then the tribe will come to you.”
  • “For me, first and foremost, it was remembering that we have the power to do what we want and the capability to go out there and actually do it.”

Marga Tupaz [The Career Woman- Modern Parenting Editor-in-Chief]

  • “The publication really wants to start a conversation with moms, dads, stepdad, yayas, anyone who parents a child, because it takes a village to raise children honestly.”
  • “As the person at the helm I want to reach out to the community and start difficult situations and topics we don’t really talk about.”
  • “What I learned from being a parent for 22 years is ask for help and you’ll be surprised by how many people will want to help you.”
Sam Corrales
Sam Corrales

Sam Corrales [The Fitness Enthusiast- Sports Producer and Host]

  • “It all starts with you; it all starts with your decisions.”
  • “As women already in the field of fitness, it is our role to help others, to educate others that just because their lifting weights doesn’t mean you’ll look a certain way.”
  • “If we continue to have conversations like these, if we just empower each other, try something out and just show up, I hope that’s enough to just encourage everybody that weight training is not bad for you, working on yourself is not selfish, it’s a way for you to unleash your confidence.”

Dr. Kaycee Reyes [The Medical Expert- Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon]

  • “You have to have a strong foundation, because sometimes there are things you can’t control.”
  • “If you’re going to take care of yourself, it will show in your skin and in your glow.”
  • “You cannot grow if you’re going to put limits in your mind.”
  • “There are times that we know what to do, but it’s really the consistency of being powerful or being mindful. You really have to pep talk yourself na “I’m strong”, kasi even if other people think that you’re strong, sometimes you’re not going to believe it because you’re going to get overwhelmed by things you cannot control.”

Kendra Kramer [The Model Youth]

Kendra Kramer
Kendra Kramer
  • “I feel like there are some certain pressures of being under the public eye because there is always an expectation for me that I need to maintain, but the thing is we cannot please everyone and it’s something that I need to be reminded of sometimes and a reminder to myself that I am not perfect and I’m always trying to be the best version that I can be.”
  • “[When talking about an empowered woman] I think the first woman that immediately comes to my mind is my mom because she is so nice to everyone, and she’s respectful to everyone and she’s just someone that I really look up to ever since I was young. If there’s anyone I’d like to be when I grow up, it would be my mom.”
  • “If you should look up to someone, look at your home. Look at your mom, look at your grandmothers, look at your aunties, look at them. See how they treat you and emulate those good characteristics of theirs.”
  • “[When talking about the previous generation as role models to the next generation] I feel like this is such a big concept to grasp, so I usually just focus on being a good role model to my siblings and even to my cousins and the people younger than me.”

Chesca Kramer [The Super Mom- TV Actress and Model]

  • “First and foremost, we must be model parent to our children. With my daughters, I spend time with them as much as possible.”
  • “I always tell my daughters that in your little circle that you have your space there, you have a voice there.”
  • “You can’t control what other people have to say and think about you. You have to go back to your anchor.”

Ayn Bernos [The Morena Queen- Content Creator, Entrepreneur]

  • “I want to be that person [woman they can aspire to] as well for other women.”
  • “It made me realize, once we have information, we can do so much.”
  • “With Morena the label, which all about empowering Morena women and everyone who is kayumanggi, we want to have more impact outside of awareness.”

Roanne Carreon [The Safe Space Advocate-Co-founder of Queer Safe Spaces]

  • “In a society that persistently discriminates the LGBT community, we seek representation.”
  • “We are part of the bigger fight that pushes for LBGT rights as human rights.”
  • “In this hetero-normative society, we have shared struggles. To be better allies, be our safe space.”
  • “When we put ourselves out there, we have to accept the fact that we are not everyone’s cup of tea.”
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