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Empowering Futures: WeLoveU’s New Year Endeavor Brings Hope Through Education Support

WeLoveU donated 200 school armchairs to Las Piñas National High School leading the way in improving the educational environment

The International WeLoveU Foundation, associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications (DGC), continues its altruistic endeavors into the new year by donating 200 school armchairs to Las Piñas National High School. The donation aims to address the challenging educational conditions faced by students.

The ceremony, held on the morning of January 10th at the school’s gymnasium, was attended by esteemed figures, including the Senior Education Program Specialist, Mr. Raygienald Villacorta, and the school’s principal, Mr. Ignacio L. Son, Jr. The event symbolized WeLoveU’s commitment to improving the educational environment and providing students with the tools they need to succeed.

WeLoveU Foundation

In his congratulatory remarks, Mr. Villacorta said, “Las Piñas National High School is the first school who has international partnership for this year 2024. Thank you for very much for this wonderful back-to-back international partnership with the International WeLoveU Foundation”. Principal SON said, “Thank you very much for the 200 school armchairs for the best of our students. Thank you, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-Jah, for this gift of donation. I hope this is just the beginning of our good partnership and sustainability.”

A representative from the WeLoveU said, ” Hearing about children who attend lectures having to take down notes with their notebooks on their laps, and thinking about how their backs would ache and how difficult it would be for them to concentrate, our chairwoman cannot help but reach out her hands towards these youthful souls.”

Mara Irish Quinamot (Grade12), who is the president of Supreme Secondary Learner Government, said, “We felt Mother’s love by having the students receive the school armchairs to our Las Pinas National High School students. I admire the volunteers who are ready to support our school”. Mrs. Vilma Ebano, a Master Teacher of the school, said, ” When I transferred to this school last year, I observed students sitting on the floor to take notes, and a few others perched on chairs using their laps as makeshift desks. I am truly grateful for the provision of 200 school armchairs for the learners. Your support is immensely appreciated.”

WeLoveU Foundation

WeLoveU’s commitment to support education extends beyond Las Piñas, reaching various parts of the country, including Parañaque-Navotas in Metro Manila and Tarlac in Central Luzon. The support ranges from personal essentials such as school uniforms and school supplies, to large-scale support for educational equipment such as blackboards, TVs, laptops, speakers, and school building renovations. The shortfall in government support has intensified the need for assistance, prompting us to actively address these gaps and contribute to the overall improvement of educational conditions. This is also why the activities of the WeLoveU are greatly welcomed. In addition to Korea, WeLoveU is also providing multifaceted educational support in Cambodia, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and other Asian countries to support students’ blue dreams.

In addition to education-focused initiatives, WeLoveU actively contributes to environmental sustainability, healthcare, and community welfare through campaigns such as environmental cleanup, blood donation drives, tree planting, and water pump support. WeLoveU organized Clean WORLD campaigns in various parts of the country, including Tanauan, Lapu-Lapu City, Laoag, Cagayan de Oro, and Tacloban, as well as large-scale blood donations in Quezon City, Pagadian, Mandaluyong, and General Santos to help solve the blood shortage. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we donated 10,000 masks and 24 medical beds to the Department of Health’s Quezon Medical Research Institute mobile hospital to help our neighbors get back to normal. In June last year, WeLoveU organized the 25th New Life Family Walkathon in Parañaque and donated 500,000 pesos to 100 families affected by the oil spill in Mindoro Island.

WeLoveU Foundation

The WeLoveU Foundation‘s welfare activities are rooted in the warm love of its members, who consider the global community as one family. Operating under the slogan, “Mother’s Love to the World,” WeLoveU focuses on ‘Saving the Earth,’ ‘Saving Lives,’ and ‘Saving Humanity.’ The Foundation’s impactful initiatives have been recognized globally, receiving awards such as the U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award Gold Medal, the Order of the Republic of Korea, the Order of the King of Cambodia, and the Order of the National Assembly of Ecuador. In Korea, we have received commendations and letters of appreciation from governors, mayors, police chiefs, and principals, including the Minister of Social Welfare and Development.

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