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Enough of China’s Aggression


Filipinos can’t allow themselves to be forever bullied by China. The Chinese must know this.

We’ve done our best going the second and third and fourth mile – to settle our maritime issue with them in a peaceful way and in accordance with the international laws for too long. Our government’s numerous diplomatic protests/pleadings over China’s aggressions apparently just fall on deaf ears as the Chinese officials are likely treating them to be just pieces of garbage.

Let Beijing be told this time in the clearest, strongest terms that, even by hook or by crook, they can’t steal/invade our patrimony and sovereignty. God forbid, but should push come to shove in the West Philippine Sea row, we will fight to the end, defending our territory with the same gallantry and heroism as the Ukrainians do in the face of Vladimir Putin’s carnage and invasion of Ukraine.

China should read Rizal and Bonifacio, better yet the entire Philippine history from ancient times. “Kalakip din nito’y pag-ibig sa bayan. Ang lahat nang lalong sa gunita’y mahal. Mula sa masaya’y gasong kasanggulan hanggang sa katawa’y mapasa-libingan… Aling pag-ibig pa ang hihigit kaya sa pagkadalisay at pagkadakila gaya ng pag-ibig sa tinubuang lupa? Aling pag-ibig? Wala na nga, wala.” – Andres Bonifacio

The motherland has been wronged many times on the issue, yet in each instance our government responded in meekness and “silence.” But the time to shout and be heard has come. It’s time to tell China loud and lucid:

“ENOUGH! Stop your bullying and illegal activities in the West Philippine Sea and dismantle your illegal structures in the area. That causes the tension/crisis. Build them somewhere within your own territory. Then let us talk. Respect international maritime laws if you can’t respect your neighbor. The WPS is ours.” Read Ezekiel 38.


The recent decision/action of Bongbong Marcos to expand EDCA with the United States of America as our partner and faithful ally/friend is a step in the right direction. The president is on track. It is equal to sending China the much needed, long overdue message exactly as it is, “Enough!”

Meanwhile, a few “Filipino” pundits are happily committing treason. They look every inch Filipinos, yet whose Filipino blood could be put in big, big doubt/question. They discuss the WPS like they are more Chinese than the real Chinese. What’s their motive? They aggravate the problem for Filipinos because the Chinese officials read/listen to them while all the world (in their right minds) simply ignore them. It’s high time for these lost sheep to return to the fold or be told the same thing, “Enough!”

Ibigin ang bayan.

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