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Ensure competition in app-based transportation – commuter group

The Passenger Forum - TPF

Transport advocacy network The Passenger Forum today asked the Department of Transportation and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to make sure that there is competition in mobile application-based transportation options.

According to TPF Convenor Primo Morillo, “We think the government should find ways to ensure that there is fair competition among ride-hailing applications, both for car-based transport network vehicle services (TNVS) and for motorcycle taxis.”

Morillo said that some of the ways to make sure that there will be fair competition among Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) is to encourage more players to come in and compete with existing ones, and to fairly allocate units to various players in each TNVS sub-sectors.

The LTFRB regulates the operations of car-based ride-hailing apps while a Technical Working Group of the House of Representatives governs motorcycle taxi app operations.

“Just like in other commercial sectors, fair competition will work for consumers and it will be the commuters who will benefit from ensuring competition in app-based transportation,” he added.

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