Amang pumanaw, ‘di mapuntahan ni John

April 06, 2020

NAGLULUKSA ngayon si John Arcilla dahil sa pagyao ng kanyang ama na si Dominador Alemania Arcilla sa Baler, Quezon.

Ang malungkot na balita ay ipinaalam ng aktor sa kanyang mga follower sa Instagram kahapon, April 5.

Sa kanyang post, nilinaw ni John na hindi COVID-19 ang ikinamatay ng ama.

Ang pinakamalungkot na parte ay hindi man lang daw niya mapuntahan ang magulang at hindi nila nabigyan nang maayos na funeral dahil sa umiiral na enhanced community quarantine.

“Dear friends, my father is gone not because of COVID. If not for the Quarantine which I believe is necessary, and this painful circumstance which understandably need not to favor with our grieving family, I would not express anything about my Father’s fate. I do not feel good announcing the passing of someone very Dear to me.

“But the feeling of not seeing even his body for the last time while we’re just here 5 hours away from him, isn’t easy to handle. His body is in Baler and due to this situation, wakes and calebrations of mass are not allowed.

“Our family wishes to Cremate him and pray together with his URN after this LOCKDOWN but we don’t have crematoriums in Baler and travel permits are complicated.

“The Funeral services can not send their services with my father’s remains in Cabanatuan or Manila. They can get a travel permit from the origin, but their staff has to be quarantined for 2 weeks or more in their second destination, and has to settle another set of travel permit.

“So my father’s body will just stay in a Funeral Chapel for two days without the wake and will be buried with restricted attendance of people the next day.

“Half the numbers of my siblings are here in Manila and all the grand children are based here. We also need to settle travel permits but they can not guarantee if the checkpoints will allow us to travel back to Manila after 2-3 days.

“Most probably, they will send us back to Baler or we have to be quarantined for 14 days or so in Baler or in between towns.

“I do not blame anyone for the situation. My sense of judgement and reasons fully understood the consequences. I just need to express something that is too much to bear. Please pray for our family most specially for my beloved father Dominador Alemania Arcilla. Thank you for reading this. God bless you all,” ang mahabang post ni John.

Damang-dama namin ang sakit na nararamdaman ng aktor na hindi man lang nila mabigyan ng maayos na libing ang ama.

Dumagsa ang mga nakikisimpatiya kay John kabilang na ang mga kaibigan niyang artista.

Isa sa mga naka-relate ay si Kris Aquino, na nagbigay ng comforting words sa aktor.

“Losing a parent, especially not being able to see his remains is a pain i do not wish upon anybody... my heart breaks for you & your siblings... these may seem like hollow words now but maybe when you re-read them in a few months they shall resonate more — your dad got to see some of your career’s greatest triumphs, i believe he saw the brilliance of your acting.

“I don’t know the dynamics of your family, if he was the expressive or reserved type, but no doubt he must have been so proud of you!

“I lost my dad at 12 years old, being an actress & a host was a dream he always told me would one day come true but he was killed when i was 12 years old & the 1 person who instilled in me the belief that there is no impossible dream never saw his or his bunso’s come true.

“Please find comfort in all the beautiful memories you shared & all the ‘bragging rights’ you gave your father. My sympathy, prayers, and deepest condolences to your entire family,” ang komento ni Kris.

Mula sa Journal Group of Publication, taos-puso kaming nakikiramay kay John at sa kanyang pamilya (Condolences po. — IFF).