Andrea-Derek ‘romance' to end soon: Happy, satisfied

September 16, 2019
Andrea Torres & Derek Ramsay

ANDREA Torres and Derek Ramsay’s “The Better Woman” is ending soon after a three-month run and they both express happiness and satisfaction for the chance of getting to work with each other.  

“I really had fun working with Derek and I enjoyed my role in the show as twin sisters Jasmine and Juliet na sobrang magkaiba ang mga ugali,” says Andrea. “This will remain to be one of my most memorable shows na nagawa ko ever and I’m so glad positive naman ang feedback sa performance ko.”

“Memorable din for me ang ‘The Better Woman’ kasi dito nabuo ang friendship namin ni Andrea,” adds Derek. “Working with her is a breeze as she’s very professional and I’m really amazed sa husay niyang umarte in interpreting two contrasting roles. I also love my character as Andrew, which is a very challenging role. Unang-una ang hirap gumawa ng love scenes meant for television kasi andaming restrictions. Andrew has no intentions of cheating on his wife, Jasmine, but the scheming Juliet succeeded in making love to him and pretending to be his wife kaya nabuntis pa niya ito. Ang gaganda ng mga twist sa story so people who watch it regularly tell me they’re really wondering where the narrative would go and what will happen to all the characters.”

Viewers say his bed scenes with Andrea in the show are so persuasively real that they’re convinced that they are now really a couple even off cam. What can he say about this?  

“Andrea and I are both professional kaya naman we make sure na kapani-paniwala ang love scenes namin and all our love scenes are take one lang lagi, especially as husband and wife in the show,” says Derek. “Andrea is very seductive, pero hindi ka puede magpadala sa eksena. You have to constantly remind yourself that you’re just playing your roles and she has learned to trust me. But we have really gotten to know each other better while doing this show and we now have a deeper friendship. And we hope that friendship would continue kahit matapos na ang ‘The Better Woman’.”

Now that their show is ending soon, can he now define what for him is a “better woman”? “For me, the better woman is one who makes you feel that I am a good person, that I am the better man.”

Don’t miss the last remaining episodes of “The Better Woman” in its exciting last two weeks. Find out if Jasmine, who’s been kidnapped and is held captive by Ervic Vijandre will be able to escape and set things straight with Derek as Andrew.