Dennis and Jennylyn preparing for the future together

August 21, 2019
Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado

DENNIS Trillo was congratulated by everyone after the screening of “Mina-Anud” at Greenhills Theatre last Monday night for his superb performance as a surfer-driver turned drug pusher. He later attended the 80th birthday celebration of Mother Lily Monteverde at Regal Valencia Events Place and reporters all wanted to interview him. The movie opens today in theaters nationwide.

“I’m proud to be part of ‘Mina-Anud’ and I’m so happy people like the movie,” he says. “It’s so out of the box compared to the usual romcoms we see. The premise is unique as it’s based on the true story of ordinary people in a fishing village in Samar whose peaceful lives turned around when bricks of cocaine were washed away on their shores.”

He credits their director, Kerwin Go, for coming up with a crowd pleasing crime comedy flick. “He might be a first timer but he certainly knows what he’s doing and he has a firm grip on his material, as scripted by Stephen Lopez. I also enjoyed shooting the movie with Dionne Monsanto as my unfaithful wife, Matteo Guidicelli as our Manila-based friend who helps us sell the cocaine, and Jerald Napoles, Mara Lopez, Anthony Falcon and Marc Felix who play my barkada na na-implicate rin sa drug trafficking.”

Aside from “Mina-Anud”, which is now showing nationwide, Dennis is currently shooting a new movie for Star Cinema. “It’s a horror flick entitled ‘A Family Ghost Story’,” he says. “I have a new leading lady, Alyssa Muhlach (daughter of Almira and cager Bong Alvarez) at kasama rin namin si Beauty Gonzalez and Raymond Bagatsing, directed by Bobby Bonifacio.”

He and GF Jennylyn Mercado are also preparing for their first concert together entitled “CoLove”, intended as a special Valentine presentation next year. This is because of their hit duet acts singing cover versions of popular love songs in their YouTube channel that have million hits. Some of their fans are insinuating it’s during that occasion where Dennis might officially propose to Jen.

“Sorry to those who are expecting that, but it’s not my style,” he grins. “If ever I’d do something like that, I won’t make the concert as its venue. I want to make it a bit more private but very memorable. If ever, hindi naman namin ililihim 'yun but as of now, wala pa 'yun sa mga plano namin. Basta as of now, masaya kaming magkasama when we have free time. I’m proud of her kasi she has matured a lot at magkasosyo pa kami ngayon sa ilang negosyo, like build and sell, na paghahanda na rin para sa aming magiging future together. In the process, it helps us para mas tumibay rin ang aming relasyon.”