'Don't reveal the twist, please'

January 14, 2020

FRESH from the huge success of Miracle In Cell No 7 comes the horrifying 'Night Shift', Viva Film's opening salvo for the year 2020. It stars Yam Concepcion and directed by Yam Laranas.

Set in a hospital morgue, the movie revolves around a pathologist's assistant named Jessie who's working on a straight shift one stormy night. She doesn't believe in the afterlife, but she is suddenly creeped out by the strange sounds that seem to be coming from the cadavers. She cannot shake off the feeling that they seem to be alive. Jessie begins to ponder kung buhay pa nga sila or just imagining things.

Film director Yam Laranas has been praised for his previous horror movies, such as "Aurora" (2018), "The Road" (2011), and "Sigaw" (2004), for which he won a Special Award at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film (BIFFF). Deservingly, he is the Master of Horror movies. "Night Shift" is his first medical horror. Laranas said, "I want to see what's real out there and I translate them into (a) real scary (story) because that has a connection to a lot of people... It becomes relatable. And when you translate that into something horrifying, it touches people's fears, nightmares and skeleton in their closets."

He also added that "location is another character in a horror film. It is where fear and paranoia are created."

This statement is well depicted in the movie trailer where Yam Concepcion is seen all alone in cold hallways with flickering lights, a room with rows of beds with cadavers, Yam running from what appears to be a group of zombies, and more.

This is Yam's first lead role in a horror movie. She was very convincing as a villain in the drama series "Halik" on ABS-CBN, it's about time she shows us her acting prowess in the horror genre, especially with the big twist that the movie has in store.

There has been Hollywood flicks with warning like, if you have a weak heart, don't see the movie or no one is allowed to enter the moviehouse during the last 10 minutes. Ang matinding pakiusap ni direk Yam, don't reveal the twist of the story. Okay ba, direk?