Hilarious story of two sisters

September 21, 2019
Ella Cruz & Carlyn Ocampo

FROM Viva TV comes the hilarious story of two sisters coping with instant poverty - Sisters Forever  (2gether PoorEver), starring two very promising Viva artists: Ella Cruz and Carlyn Ocampo.

Ella Cruz, this year's Cinemalaya best supporting Actress, plays Christina, an insufferable germaphobe as she has high standards  when it comes to men, thus giving her the label 'NBSB' (No Boyfriend Since Birth).

From the renowned international group Z-Girls, main vocalist Carlyn Ocampo plays Britney, the arrogant and sarcastic eldest daughter of the Supsop family.

Britney and Christina led a life worthy of royalty - albeit the nouveau-riche kind. Set to take over the family business of fish sauce production, things take a turn for the worst upon the sudden death of parents Madonna and Freddie. In comes the evil estranged aunt Esmeralda, who takes over the patis business, properties, and strips them of their inheritance.

The two sisters are left with nothing - except each other. Help eventually arrives through former house helpers Sharon and Gabby, who the spoiled princesses slighted some years ago. Together with Sharon and Gabby's son, Tom, who takes a liking to Christina, and rich businessman Vincent, Britney's boyfriend who is in search of the sisters in hiding, the sisters learn the value of sisterhood, family, and humility.

Sister Forever (2gether PoorEver) also stars Julian Trono, Gab Lagman, Phoemela Baranda, Lander Vera-Perez, Jamilla Obispo, Debbie Garcia, Shalala, Ashtine Olviga and Yumi Garcia of P-Pop Generation, with Katya Santos and Vandolph Quizon. The hilarious six-part comedy series is directed by Ricky Salvador Rivero. Airs every Saturday, 7 pm on Cignal Channel.