Ion jinx to Vice Ganda?

July 03, 2020
Vice Ganda and Ion Perez

WONDER how Vice Ganda is taking all the bashing that his boyfriend, Ion Perez, is getting now from various haters. After Ion posted his picture looking so effeminate in the way he sits while taking a selfie, netizens quickly bashed him, saying he’s “paminta” or 'pa-min,' a closet gay who tries to act straight in public to conceal his true gender.

Ion didn’t take this sitting down and replied: “Upong Koreano lang, bakla agad! Mga ulol!” It would have been easier if he just ignored it but since he made “patola”, of course, the bashers are even more provoked.

They quickly pointed out the signs why Ion appears so pa-min and this includes his hair which he has colored blonde, the very feminine colorful getups he’s sporting, and his generally “malamya” actuations.

And not only that, the bashers even pointed out that he’s actually a jinx to Vice Ganda. They say that since Vice and Ion admitted their gay relationship openly in public, Vice Ganda’s career took a turn for the worse and truly suffered.

After reigning in the Metro filmfest as topgrosser for several consecutive years, last year, his entry “The Mall the Merrier”, where Ion also appeared, failed it to make it to the top spot and was “kinabog” or clobbered by Aga Muhlach’s entry at the box office when Vice used to be known as the Unkabogable Star.

On TV, they also pointed out that Vice Ganda’s long running solo show, “Gandang Gabi, Vice”, was terminated. And now, ABS-CBN’s franchise has not been renewed and Vice Ganda’s exposure in “Showtime” has definitely been lessened.

The bashers added that the sooner Vice drops Ion, the better for him and for ABS-CBN because he obviously can’t win in both love and career simultaneously. But as a defender of Vice says: “Sobra namang pati 'yung di pagka-renew ng ABS-CBN franchise, isisi pa kina Ion at Vice.  Overkill na 'yon. At maibibigay ba naman nila kay Vice ang walang kapantay na kaligayahang naibibigay ni Ion sa kanya?”