Japanese model-actor in Manila to promote movie

September 24, 2019

KONDO Yohdi is a Japanese Harajuku model. Harajuku is a fashion style that mixes traditional Japanese garments like kimonos and wooden sandals with cosplay, punk rock, gothic and other substyles. He is also a singer who now forays into film acting in the LGBT drama, “Athlete”.

Born on Christmas Day of 1992 in Osaka, Kondo started his singing career in 2015 with the song “30th Century Boy” and had his first big hit with “Gurugurun Sekai” (English translation: “Spinning World”) in August of the same year. His other hits include “Pann” and  “Danoira”. Kondo is also a fashion designer and has his own genderless brand of clothes called Ding.

In “Athlete”, he plays a young twink who falls in love with an older man, Joe Nakamura, a former competitive swimmer who has just been divorced by his wife and is feeling depressed. Kondo is also sad and lonely as he cannot reveal his true self and real gender preference to his ailing father. When he and Joe meet, there is an instant connection and they have a tumultuous affair.

“The movie ‘Athlete’ shows that love is possible not only between a man and a woman but also between members of the same sex,” says Kondo. “My character and that of Joe have a difficult time adjusting to each other because he doesn’t want to reveal to his family that I’m his lover and I resent that. But despite our differences, our love for each other grow deeper and deeper.”

“Athlete” is a totally different kind of love story that will be shown exclusively in Robinsons Movieworld Theatres starting today. Whether you are gay or not, you would appreciate the honest and sincere acting shown by Kondo Yohdi and Joe Nakamura in their respective roles as lovers in “Athlete”.