Kim’s time to shine

September 09, 2019
Kim Domingo

KIM Domingo impressed a lot of viewers as Katya in “Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko” when her boyfriend, Rodjun Cruz as Ben, died while trying to perform an exorcism rite on the evil spirit of Kris Bernal as Naomi. Kim was inconsolable because they are just about to get married. But now, the tragedy left her crushed and she really went to town during her dramatic highlights.

Earlier, Kim has proven her skills in comedy as one of the regulars in the award-winning gag show, “Bubble Gang”. But now, she’s showing that she is also good in drama, especially during the wake scenes when she was wondering, while Rayver Cruz as Mateo is consoling her, as to why such a tragedy happened to her and her boyfriend.

She is also able to hold her own in her heavy dramatic scenes with more seasoned actresses Francine Prieto and Sharmaine Arnaiz, who play her mother and her aunt, respectively. The comments of netizens in social media express their admiration for her being a versatile actress who can be good in both drama and comedy. Her fans are wishing that GMA-7 will soon give her a teleserye where she will play the lead role.

“We believe that she’s ripe for stardom,” says netizen Gina Londres. “She deserves it as she also has one of the most beautiful faces in showbiz today.”

Of course, it’s all up to GMA management to decide as to when is the right time for them to launch her to full stardom. As of now, we think that they’re preparing her towards that direction.

“I’m happy and flattered for all the good feedback that I’m getting,” Kim says. “Nakakatuwa naman talaga na naa-appreciate nila ang acting ko. It’s very encouraging and inspires me para mas lalong pagbutihin ang trabaho ko.”

This must be the reason why Kim remains loveless for now after she broke up with her cager boyfriend some months ago. She really wants to focus on her career first. But because of her depression and loneliness in the story, Kim as Katya will fall in love with Rayver, who is the husband of her cousin, Megan Young as Yvie. How this will affect their family will provide a big twist in the story. Meantime, Kris Bernal as the ghost seems to be lying low at the moment. But wait for her return in the show as she will become more evil and vindictive in “Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko”, shown right in mid-afternoons after “Eat Bulaga”.