Mara would rather surf than date: ‘Luis promised to find me a BF'

August 22, 2019
Mara Lopez
Mara Lopez

MARA Lopez is a real surfer so she enjoyed doing “Mina-Anud” which is now showing in theaters and features a lot of surfing scenes. “I was just six years old when I started learning how to surf,” she says. “My dad (Hiroshi Yokohama) was my own mentor and he even put up his own surfing school here in our country in the 90s. My dad taught Dennis Trillo how to surf as he plays a surfer in ‘Mina-Anud’, along with Jerald Napoles.”

Her mom, Isabel Lopez, has just remarried to a Jewish guy named Jonathan Melrod in California. “Oo nga, e. Naunahan pa ako,” she laughs. “I was there sa wedding nila. Nag-attend kami ng brother ko, si Ken, and we’re happy for her. She deserves a second chance. My dad naman and my mom are in good terms. Friends sila.”

She herself is currently loveless. “Siguro dahil homebody talaga ako. Hindi ako mahilig gumimik o lumabas. When I’m not working, I just stay at home. Or mas gusto ko pang mag-surfing kaysa makipag-date. That’s why I enjoyed shooting ‘Mina-Anud’ kasi lagi kaming nasa beach at nakakapag-surf. When I was a guest sa ‘Minute to Win It’, nag-volunteer nga si Luis Manzano na hahanapan daw niya ako ng boyfriend.”

In “Mina-Anud”, Mara plays the only girl in their barkada of surfers, along with Dennis, Jerald, Anthony Falcon and Marc Felix. “Very close 'yung barkada namin and when Dennis and Jerald got into drug trafficking, nag-join kaming lahat to earn a fast buck. Pero dahil sa hangad naming kumita nang malaki sa mabilis na paraan, this would lead to some complications involving the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency or PDEA. Comedy ang treatment sa movie but very serious ang mensahe nito about the reactions of ordinary people when they are given the chance to earn big money kahit sa illegal na paraan.”