Meet Stephen Rong the new Taiwanese heartthrob

September 29, 2019

MOVE over, Jerry Yan, because there’s a new Taiwanese actor-heartthrob in town: Stephen Rong, one of the lead stars of iWant’s original romantic comedy-fantasy series “Taiwan That You Love.” In the digital series, Stephen plays Wei-Ting, the brooding bad boy who falls for Barbie Imperial’s Ivi and clashes with Paulo Angeles’ Eric – a love triangle whipped up by a magical book and destiny.

Aside from Stephen’s drool-worthy posts on Instagram, there’s more to the Taiwanese cutie than meets the eye.

Here are a few things about the “Taiwan That You Love” star:

1. He’s also an avid fan of the hit “Meteor Garden” series.

Stephen eagerly shares that—like the rest of us—he grew up with the popular F4 series.

“I watched it in high school, and that was one of the things that influenced me to go for acting,” says the Taiwanese actor. He even relates to the character of Hua Ze Lei, claiming he is also ‘the quiet one’ who jokes around with people he chooses to open up to.

2. Like most Filipinos, he loves Jollibee.

“I love it! That was the first thing I told them I wanted to eat when I got here. They got me the box with everything,” he excitedly declares.

When it comes to Taiwanese food, however, he has a hard time choosing a favorite dish or delicacy, but would totally recommend a comforting bowl of beef noodle soup.

3. He’s single.

Yep, you read that right. Good-looking and physically fit as he is, the Taiwanese cutie isn’t seeing anyone right now. Stephen openly shared that he finds Filipinas attractive. If he were to date one, he claimed that he would probably bring her to Taiwan’s night market or explore the beautiful beaches in Cebu. With his singing chops, he would most likely be serenading the lucky girl with songs from his favorite artists such as Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry.

4. He’s an all-around multi-talented guy, but was supposed to be a dentist.

The now actor, singer-songwriter, DJ, model, and host was born in Virginia, United States, and was a Biology major back in college. But after one wakeup call, he flew to Taiwan by himself and started joining singing competitions. He admits he wasn’t great at it at first, but started getting better and was then offered hosting and acting jobs. Once, he was even challenged in a stage play by performing 18 different characters.