Mother Ricky continues to help

December 07, 2019

MOTHER Ricky Reyes has been helping children with the big C for 16 years now through Child Haus and he’s hosting a Christmas party for them this Sunday at the Child Haus building on Agoncillo St., Manila. On top of this, he’s helping the moms of cancer patients with their own livelihood program.

“It’s SM president, Hans Sy who told me, let’s help them earn on their own,” he says. “Sabi ko, we can teach them livelihood programs so they can have their own dignity at hindi lang nakasandal lang sa donations. So I called all the suppliers I know to help us and now we have the Share the Love in Child Haus Christmas Bazaar. Hans Sy gave us the space in SM North Edsa for our store for free. We are selling Christmas decorations, native handbags, sandals, organizers and paintings, all made by the kids and their parents themselves. In the true spirit of the Christmas season, which is all about kindness and compassion, please visit our bazaar as all the proceeds will go to Child Haus and other people in need of a home.”

We visited the bazaar located at the lobby of SM North Edsa Cinema 9 and all the items are sold at very reasonable prices. We got the decorative angels they sell only for P1,000, which is sold in department stores for triple the price. Writers Aster Amoyo and Jojo Gabinete bought christmas decors, earrings and sandals which are all cheap compared to other stores. This is really such a bargain so go, visit us, or learn more about it by visiting

We tell Mother Ricky, a respected gay icon, that he became controversial when he nixed being a representative of the LGBT community and he said “ang mga bakla, huwag nang magbestida at nang di kayo pagtawanan ng tao. Basta ang bakla ay bakla. Ang bakla maski anong gawin niyo, ang bakla ay bakla. Ang bakla, gilingin mo man ‘yan, ang labas niyan baklang hamburger.”

He also said he’s against gay marriages and for this, he was lambasted by some gays who said “sinauna pa ang beliefs niya.”

“Yes, na-bash ako dahil diyan,” he says. “But when I counted kung sino 'yung mga sumang-ayon sa akin, they’re about 4 million at yung bashers ko, wala pa silang 30, so okay lang. At 'yung mga sinauna, yun ang talagang pinagtatagal ng panahon. Maski sa antiques, di ba mas valuable 'yung sinauna kasi doon sa mga ngayon lang dumating at ipinipilit ang opinyon nila? Ako, I’ve been in a relationship for 40 plus years na, pero we don’t go out of our way to say, ‘Kailangan naming magpakasal,’ no more. May kasabihan tayo, you never never rock the boat kung okay naman. Kapag maayos siya, go lang. May mga alam nga akong baklang nagpakasal, pero hiwalay na rin ngayon. Ba’t kailangan mong ipilit sa ibang tao kung ano ang gusto mo? Pinagugulo mo lang ang mundo. Kung gusto mo talagang respetuhin ka, tumulong ka na lang sa kapwa mo, go and help other people at wag sarili mo lang ang inaalala mo.”

And in this respect, no one can fault Mother Ricky. Just recently, he helped Manay Letty Celi, a writer who’s very ill. He got her and took good care of her in Child Haus and Manay Letty has now regained her health and has gone back home. Thanks to Mother Ricky who acted as God’s instrument of grace to help heal her and other sick people.