Sharon softens up on 'enemies'

July 07, 2020
Sharon Cuneta

SHARON Cuneta, after ranting vehemently against her former publicist, Ronald Carballo, proves that she still has a soft heart. In her latest post in her youtube channel, she said she has changed her mind and will not sue Ronald anymore as she earlier planned. This is, in effect, what she declared:

“Ronald Carballo has written so many vile things about me for almost 20 years. Thank you for your letter of apology, kahit dinelete mo 'yun. I’ve read it. It was shared so many times by other people. I even shared it. I appreciate that. And that’s enough for me.

“You claimed to be a Christian but you did not act like one. I am a Christian and though it’s hard for me, I try to obey. Because of that, I forgive you. I will try my best to forget. But one thing I will not do is sue you. Hindi kita idedemanda, Ronald. Dahil may pinagsamahan naman tayo. At sana, gawin mo itong pagkakataon para magbago, bumalik sa Panginoon, at gamitin ang talento mo sa pagsulat sa mabuti.

“That’s all I have to say. Please use this chance and learn from this lesson. That is the Christian way.”

Her stance against the Duterte supporter named Sonny Alcos who threatened to rape her daughter Frankie has also softened. “Yung kay Sonny Alcos, si Frankie ang magpa-file ng case kapag nag-decide siya. Hindi ako, because she’s an adult and that’s her choice.”

Ate Shawie also announced that she’s having a new house constructed in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, where their former vacation home was located where we had lunch with her some years ago when her Mommy Elaine was still with her. She now calls it their “forever home”. This is what she shared:

“Finally finished signing ALL PAGES of the blueprints to our new house. Rebuilding the house I had demolished years ago to change from a vacation home into a forever home. This photo shows only about 1/6 of all that I signed.

“Add to those the other papers bookbound I had to sign every page of too! Hope we get the building permits soon. Am really building this for my babies. When the original house was demolished, it took with it all their memories.

“It has taken us years to start rebuilding the new one because I got into debt of hundreds of millions. Now am okay.  I pray that we are able to complete this before they all grow up, get married and move out! I have had one of the best architects design it, Conrad Onglao (husband of Zsa Zsa Padilla).

“Thank You, Lord for giving us another chance to give our children this home. We praise and glorify you everyday!”