Sue chooses career over love

September 11, 2019
Sue Ramirez
Sue Ramirez

SUE Ramirez wants to clarify that her breakup with BoybandPh singer Joao Constancia is not just a gimmick to help promote her new movie, “Cuddle Weather”, which was graded B by the CEB and opens in theaters tomorrow as part of the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

“I have no intention of talking about it,” she says. “Kaya lang, ipinatanong ni Mother Lily Monteverde during the movie’s presscon kung ano ang status namin and I had no choice but to answer, kasi hindi ako marunong magsinungaling, e.”

So what’s the reason they split? “It happened just recently but actually, matagal na kaming maraming differences, e. Two years na rin kami and you’d think the differences won’t matter, but after two years, you realize that they do. Makikita 'yung effects in both of you, so we decided na tapusin na ang relationship namin. At first, ayaw niya, but we parted as friends naman at nag-uusap pa rin kami every now and then. Supportive pa rin siya and he even wished me well for the success of ‘Cuddle Weather’.”

As of now, she’s just focusing on her career. She’s happy to be part of a brave movie like “Cuddle Weather” where she and leading man RK Bagatsing both play high end prostitutes.

“I play Adela and RK plays Ram. We’re both pokpoks na nagka-inlaban. It shows that people engaged in the world’s oldest profession are human, too. As written and directed by Rod Marmol, it shows na nagmamahal din sila, at nasasaktan, just like other people, so don’t judge them right away.”

How sexy is the movie? “We show some skin, lalo na ako when I’m servicing my different clients in the movie, but it’s done with taste naman and we made sure that all our sensitive body parts are properly covered in the intimate scenes. Actually, what you’ll remember about the film after watching it is that it’s just not about sex but it shows the universal need for love and affection.”

We’re not really surprised that Sue chooses career over love as she is just so busy with work these days. Aside from “Cuddle Weather”, she’s also in the youth movie, “Dead Kids” produced by Globe Studios and directed by Mikhail Red. She’s also doing a movie with new action star Javi Benitez, “Kid Alpha” directed by Richard Somes. And she’s the lone leading lady in Gerald Anderson’s new teleserye, tentatively titled “A Soldier’s Story”.