Sylvia plays a character close to real life

August 31, 2019
Sylvia Sanchez

SYLVIA Sanchez plays Luz, the mother of 8 kids in “Pamilya Ko”, the fruits of her marriage to Joey Marquez who plays Fernan Mabunga. To avoid confusion, she names her children after fruits: JM de Guzman is the helpful and hardworking “panganay” and he’s called Chico. Next is Kiko Estrada as the family’s black sheep and troublemaker, Berry. They’re followed by Kid Yambao as the obedient Apple, Jairus Aquino as the effeminate Persi, Maris Racal as the fashionista social media influencer Peachy, Kira Balinger as the introverted and artistic Lemon, Mutya Orquia as the hilarious joker Cherry, and Raikko Matteo as the math genius Pongky, who is everyone’s favorite.

“Kapag tinatawag ko silang lahat, I just say fruit salad and that means kailangan ko silang lahat,” says Sylvia.

She also played a mother in her past hit soaps, “Greatest Love” and “Hanggang Saan”. How is “Pamilya Ko” different from them? “Doon sa past two soaps ko, wala akong asawa. Single mom ako. Dito, hindi lang ako may asawa, si Joey Marquez, kundi may kabit pa siya, si Irma Adlawan. At sobrang dami ng anak ko rito!”

How important is family for her? “Very important. Family is life. I have five kids in real life and they’re my reasons for living. Sila ang dahilan kung bakit ako humihinga.”

“Pamilya Ko” follows the journey and struggles of the Mabunga family and how they will overcome the problems and trials that will come into their lives to test and challenge the strength and stability of their happy and peaceful family. “This is our tribute to the family as an institution,” Sylvia adds. “It shows infidelity, sibling rivalry, the usual fights among family members, but in the end, your family is your fallback. You can always count on your family for forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love, lalo na for a mother like me. Kapag anak mo kasi, hindi mo talaga matitiis yan, e.”

Also in the cast of “Pamilya Ko” are Arci Muñoz and Alyssa Muhlach who play  the women who get involved with JM De Guzman. Arci is Betty, JM’s best friend who harbors secret feelings for him and supports him all the way, while Alyssa (daughter of Almira Muhlach and Bong Alvarez who’s also in the cast of the movie, “Family Ghost Story” opposite Dennis Trillo), plays a young doctor who captures JM’s heart. Rosanna Roces also plays an important role as Sylvia’s friend, Elena. “Pamilya Ko” will start airing on Monday, September 9, right before “TV Patrol”. It’s produced by Ruel S. Bayani’s unit and directed by Raymund Ocampo.