The truth about Gerald and Julia

July 24, 2019
Gerald Anderson & Julia Barretto

GERALD Anderson is a certified serial heartbreaker. Unlike other actors who are not at all linked with girls (so they’re suspected as gays), Gerald has many "victims" that include Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador, Sarah Geronimo, Bea Alonzo (twice over) and now, Julia Barretto.  

But because most people have a warped sense of values, we don’t think his womanizing will detract from Gerald’s popular status in showbiz today. As a matter of fact, we won't be surprised if it would even boost his stock as a bonafide ladies’ man, just like other womanizing actors before, notably Erap Estrada, Ramon Revilla, Robin Padilla, all role models for unbridled machismo.

Folks hate it when women are branded playgirls, but they’re more forgiving when it comes to guys. Men who play around are even looked up to and considered real machos for having so many conquests that appear like shining feathers on their cap.

The one who needs damage control here is actually Julia Barretto. Too bad as she had a hard time making her career level up before. She has been given a lot of push by ABS-CBN, particularly when she was paired with Enrique Gil in “Mira Bella”, which viewers didn’t support.

It was only when she was paired with Joshua Garcia in “Vince, Kath & James”, a surprise hit in the 2016 Metro Manila Filmfest, that her career finally took off and then she did a string of hit movies with him.

But now, the impression is that she canoodled with Gerald while they’re doing the movie, “Between Maybes” (a fairly involving romantic flick but sadly, it flopped dismally at the tills), on location in Japan. This confirms the rumor that she cheated on her boyfriend then, Joshua Garcia, and the subsequent story that this is what eventually led to their breakup is true. This is truly very damaging for her reputation and let’s see if she could still recover from this. As for Bea Alonzo, it’s good she cried “Enough” and has obviously learned her lesson.