What netizens don't know about Bianca and Ruru's relationship

July 01, 2020
Bianca Umali and Ruru Madrid

BIANCA Umali and Ruru Madrid have yet to officially confirm that they’re really on but their action truly speaks louder than words. The scuttlebutt is that they’ve been playing musically together since late 2018 but GMA warned them to make it very discreet since Bianca has a love team with Miguel Tanfelix to protect in their show then, “Sahaya”. 

But now, they seem to be more open about it. When Bianca celebrated her 19th birthday just before the lockdown, Ruru posted a pretty picture of her on Instagram with the greeting: “Happy birthday, Moonlight.” Bianca replied to all her greeters but she singled out “Ruru Madrid, Thank you for always keeping me happy. Thank you for everything.”

When Bianca released her new songs, “Kahit Kailan”, Ruru actively promoted it on all his social media accounts and proclaimed: “I’m so proud of you!”

More recently, Ruru posted a photo of Bianca with her dog named Boop. Immediately, haters bashed Bianca, accusing her of just stealing Ruru away from Gabbi Garcia. Curiously, no one bashed Ruru for stealing Bianca away from Miguel Tanfelix. It’s Bianca they blamed for allegedly seducing Ruru calling her “malandi”.

Of course, Ruru immediately acted like a knight in shining armour to defend his damsel, saying: “Hind nyo po alam ang puno’t dulo, kaya wala kayong karapatang magsalita nang ganyan.” But the basher said she knows the “puno’t dulo” and Ruru left Gabbi only because of Bianca. Someone corrected the basher and said Ruru and Gabbi have long called it quits when Bianca entered the picture and it’s Gabbi who quickly got a new BF, Khalil Ramos, but the basher just seems to have a personal grudge on Bianca.

This Thursday night at 8 o’clock, Bianca will be the special guest in the GMA Artist Center online dating show, “E-Date Mo si Idol”, which will be hosted this time by Starstuck 7 Avenger Crystal Paras. Three lucky fans of Bianca will be chosen to interview her on the air and maybe they will ask her to, once and for all, clear up all the issues about her, Ruru and Gabbi. It’s about time they become more honest and come out in the open.