What's in a title?

November 10, 2019

TWO negative incidents that happened in showbiz recently didn’t help the box office performance of the local films that they’re involved in: the horror flick “Santigwar” and the romantic movie, “Cara X Jagger”. In the cast of “Santigwar”, Alexa Ilacad, who plays her first starring role in the movie, spewed venom against Nash Aguas and it didn’t sit well with audiences who avoided her movie. It was first day, last day in most moviehouses.

“Cara X Jagger” got a lot of publicity mileage when Bianca Umali attended the premiere night of the movie which stars her yet-to-be admitted boyfriend, Ruru Madrid. She got so jealous because Ruru’s leading lady, Jasmine Curtis Smith, is his original crush. There’s also a story that Jasmine gave Ruru an expensive pair of sunglasses while they were shooting the film and Bianca later smashed it out of jealousy. Ruru tried to explain things to Bianca but she sped away and nearly hit him with her car at the parking lot. As a result, “Cara X Jagger” also laid a big fat egg at the box office.

Well, to begin with, judging from the titles of these movies alone, you already know they have very little chance of making it at the tills. Why come up with titles that you still need to explain to moviegoers? Who the hell knows what “Santigwar” means except the Bicolanos since it’s a Bicolano word? (Some Bicolanos we've talked with don't even know what that is.--Ed.)

And some folks didn’t even know how to pronounce the title “Cara X Jagger”. Not a few people asked us: “Ano ba po 'yun, Cara Times Jagger? And what does it exactly mean?” Another movie title that is quickly a losing proposition is “Nuuk”. Who the hell would bother to google what or where Nuuk is? As a result, the Aga Muhlach-Alice Dixson also did poorly at the tills.

So time and again, we remind our producers and filmmakers to make their titles simple, catchy and easy to remember for them to have better chances at the box office.

Another movie that didn’t do as well as expected at the tills was Sarah Geronimo’s “Unforgettable”. After it was pulled out from theaters, Sarah and beau Matteo Guidicelli announced that they’re now officially engaged. It generated a lot of goodwill and congratulatory greetings from their friends and fans alike, prompting someone to quip that they should have made the announcement before Sarah’s movie was shown as it would have no doubt somehow helped “Unforgettable” at the box office.