Why Ai Ai enjoys doing her new movie

August 06, 2019
Ai-Ai de las Alas

WHILE she plays a bit of herself in her new movie, 'And Ai, Thank You' under Reality Entertainment, comedienne Ai Ai de las Alas says the role has been based on a lot of personalities.

"Actress ako rito," Ai Ai describes her role. "At natutuwa ako dahil lagi akong nakabihis at may make-up. Hindi tulad sa iba kong ginagawa, lalo na sa indie (movies)."

In the movie, she plays Aileen de la Rosa, a top actress, product endorser and producer. A rival, Ursula de Villa, played by Rufa Mae Quinto, will stop at nothing to bring her down.

But while she has all the desirable achievements life has to offer—a flourishing career, fame and fortune, she finds out that she only has six months to live.

So who could stop her rival now?

Ai Ai recounts that she and Rufa Mae have been together in "Booba," where she played the latter's nemesis.

“Ngayon baligtad na," Ai Ai says. "Si P-Chi (Rufa Mae's pet name) naman ang parang kontrabida ko."

With them in the movie are Dennis Padilla, Kakai Bautista, Joey Paras, Juliana Porizkova and with the special participation of Anjo Yllana and Joross Gamboa under the direction of Joven Tan.

‘And Ai, Thank You' opens in theaters on Aug 14 nationwide.--EEA