Young JV practices what he promotes

September 16, 2019
Young JV Kapunan

KAPAMILYA actor and hip hop artist Young JV Kapunan has toured around the country promoting the brands of Megasoft Hygienic Products Inc. Now, he concentrates on Fasclean Extra Power Detergent Powder as celebrity endorser. 

He is not stranger to doing his own laundry. Atr age 12 in his hometown Iloilo, his dad, current Ambassador to Myanmar Eduardo "Red" Kapunan introduced him to being independent, including doing his own laundry.

Even with a hectic schedule, he finds time to hand-wash a favorite shirt or machine-wash his clothes whenever he is on vacation abroad.

"Aside from cleaning clothes, what I like about Fasclean is its relaxing sampaguita fragrance," Young JV says. "I can't wait to perform for Fasclean so we can showcase our new dance concepts, choreography and music."

Young JV just released his latest single, "Malandi Ka" from his own music label, Not So Famous, under Star Music. He will be producing hip hop, R&B and electronic dance music not only for the local scene but also for international market. He has planned collaborations with artists from Korea, Myanmar and Indonesia.

He is also excited about his upcoming action movie, "Death Card" where he plays the main villain.

Asidefrom his showbiz commitments, he is on a seven-month course in Thames International. He admits that continuing his business course is partly influenced by Megasoft executive and mompreneur Aileen Choi Go, who  expresses her thoughts on her fellow Fasclean brand ambassador.

"Young JV is an achiever,  world-class in music and values his education. He is a classy gentleman, very polite and thoughtful," says Aileen.