January 14, 2019
NAGDALAWANG-ISIP si Harlene Bautista na isalang ang award-winning movie, Rainbow’s Sunset, ng Heaven’s Best Entertainment sa 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Conflicting comments about Barbie and Mika's unshown new TV series

January 14, 2019
BARBIE Forteza and Mika de la Cruz are amused that even if their new show, “Kara Mia”, has not yet started airing, it’s being talked about and there are already a lot of conflicting feedbacks about it. The story is about twins who share the same body. In front is the face of Barbie while at the back is the face of Mika. Some folks say it’s silly and ridiculous while others think that the concept is something unique and interesting.

Why local films bomb at the box-office one after another

January 13, 2019
THERE was a time when the playdate right after the Metro Manila filmfest was much-coveted by local producers. It’s not surprising that they’re all scrambling to show their new releases right after the festival because moviegoers are eager to watch new local films. But sadly, this is no longer the case lately.

How Sanya is able to hold it against Dennis and Dingdong

January 12, 2019
SANYA Lopez is very thankful for the positive comments she’s getting for her portrayal of Margaret, the principled wife of Dennis Trillo who does not tolerate his illegal activities. Both Dennis and Dingdong Dantes, who play the title roles, are award-winning actors, but Sanya, although she has yet to win any acting award, is able to hold it on her own against her more seasoned co-stars. She excels most especially in her dramatic scenes where she sheds copious tears, especially after her and Dennis’ son, Sammy (Euwen Aleta) died tragically.