Bida ng 'Mulan' mas gusto ang version ni Lea kaysa kay Moira

Chosen to sing the movie theme is Moira Dela Torre. By some coincidence. Reflection is the very first song Moira learned to sing. She sang it during a church event. Mulan is a movie she grew up with. We recognize the talent of Moira as a songwriter first and secondly as a singer. However, we believe nothing can beat the original. No less than Chinese-American actress Yifei loved the version of Lea.

Viva tuluy-tuloy ang tagumpay

VIVA Entertainment continues to enjoy a good harvest in film, concerts and in the streaming media arena and cable channels. All in the past two months in this year of the metal rat, the film On Vodka, Beers and Regrets is a certified hit to date.

Era of fake news

WE live in an era where it is so easy to spread false information and fake news because of social media. People will do anything to attract attention to their posts so they can have retweets or a hit or view on their Facebook accounts or youtube channel. In this crisis of COVID-19, they post everything without checking the facts.

Movies about pandemics 2

WE’RE in our mid-70s, so we’ll be very susceptible to the dreaded corona. In Italy, they no longer give priority to old folks like us. At our age, we cannot recall a time like this when a serious international problem occurs, leading to the shutdowns of malls, moviehouses, air travel, schools, amusement parks, etc. to help prevent the spread of the virus. People keep saying: “Parang sa pelikula lang nangyayari ito.”

Ellen attends seminar in Indonesia on total detox,  mental training

She later posted her reason for this in her social media account: “To everyone asking, I did mental training coz I was stuck in this black hole for almost three years. My anti-depressants didn’t do me any good, it made me immobile and numb. I was getting weaker mentally and emotionally -- something had to be done. I can now finally say, after 3 years of struggling... I am no longer a prisoner in my own mind. Ahhhh!!! Freedom we meet again!”

New (but old) programming

They’ve ran out of new episodes for “Magkaagaw” with Sunshine Dizon, Sheryl Cruz and Jeric Gonzales, so this was temporarily replaced by another story about marital infidelity that was a blockbuster hit then, “Ika-6 na Utos,” also starring Sunshine with Gabby Concepcion and Ryza Cenon. 

Movies about pandemics

“PANIC IN THE STREETS” (1950) -- Directed by the Oscar-winning Elia Kazan, this stars Richard Widmark as a doctor with the US public health services who finds a dead man in the docks of New Orleans suspected of carrying a bacteria that might cause pneumonic plague. He has to race against time to save the city while trying his best to convince city officials who doubt him. This is the first movie of the late Jack Palance, who played a friend of the victim that prompted the  investigation.