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Extend deadline for online sellers to register, BIR urged

SOME lawmakers urged the  Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to extend the registration deadline for online sellers.

Meanwhile, other solons have questioned the timing of the registration citing the difficulties of daily earners in this crisis brought about by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The committee on ways and means has conducted a virtual hearing on the issues pertaining to online selling and business.

The BIR ordered the online sellers to register their business until end of July this year as stated in the 2013 memo.

Both the BIR and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) assured sellers that only big online business companies will be taxed.

Online sellers with an income of P250,000 and below are exempted from paying income and value added tax.

APEC party-list Rep. Sergio Dagooc appealed to the BIR to extend the deadline in order to give the online sellers enough time to complete the  requirements.

“Baka po pwede po ninyo i-urong ung deadline hindi naman po nila kasalanan na ura-urada ninyong inissue ‘yan na may penalty na 2013 pa pala yan,” Dagooc said.

Meanwhile, Nueva Ecija Rep. Estrelita Suansing questioned why the BIR only reminded the online sellers about the deadline now.

“Bakit ngayon nyo lang sila sinasabihan, dahil ba ngayon ay lumalaki na ang industry ng online selling? Dapat noon pa para hindi nabibigla ang mga maliit nating kababayan na nagnenegosyo ng maliit sa panahong ito,” Suansing said.

Even ACT-teachers party-list Rep. France Castro said the BIR could be faulted for “criminal negligence” for rushing the registration.

“Ngayon nangangailangan tayo ng pondo para support sa pandemic, with due respect nakikita nitin ang kapabayan ng BIR ngayon nagkukumahog sila. Ngayon parang meron kayong somehow criminal negligence sa ginawa ninyong MC na eenfore ninyo hanggang July 31 tapos may penalty,” Castro said.

Many of those who lost their jobs due to community quarantine resorted to online selling.

In response, Commissioner Caesar Dulay of the BIR said an extension of the deadline would be considered.

“It should be considered by us. I assure you that before the deadline we will come back with additional circular,” Dulay said.

The BIR commissioner has the power to “waive or abate” penalties on small firms, BIR Deputy Commissioner Arnel Guballa said.

“Penalties, maybe we can make it case to case sa maliliit. I think the commissioner can always wave and abate the penalties,” Guballa said.