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Factors encouraging the convergence of gaming and betting arena

Video game industry is witnessing consistent growth. Most people might not have known, but truth is that the industry of video gaming was estimated to be worth 135 billion dollars in the year 2018. The industry is expanding through expansion of various segments of it, ranging from betting over the web, esports, etc. Massive success of platforms like rivalry.com can be a nice example in this regard.

One thing common about growing popularity of these gaming and tech-based betting is that they all demand customized software. Additionally, UI is essential to be thoroughly enriched. In a constantly evolving scenario of gaming and betting arena, it is speculated that both these industries are going to evolve in following ways.

Garnering greater profit

One of the prime reasons encouraging convergence of gaming and betting is due to the massive scope of profit generation it associates. Banking on the popularity of e-sports segment, the betting arena is going to be even more enchanting. Additionally, platforms like rivalry.com are making things more engaging and involving more number of people. According to betting experts, the market prospect of betting can easily surpass around 13 billion dollars by the end of 2020, despite all odds. Naturally, number of online casinos is also quite expected to rise significantly in forthcoming days.

Powered by growing popularity of mobile gaming

Through mobile becoming growingly mainstream, the scope of gaming and betting converging to derive an altogether new dimension of industry has also increased. Growing popularity of mobile-based games makes things even more encouraging in this regard. Number of developers for mobile gaming is simply huge in modern times.

According to estimations, the mobile-based gaming industry will cross 166 billion worth by the end of 2020. It is projected to acquire around sixty percent of total gaming market by the end of year 2021. Most importantly, online betting or gambling is expected to hold a significant share in this.

Growing worth of shares of mobile-based casinos and the popularity of intuitive platforms like rivalry.com can be best examples. Market research experts predicting massive demand for mobile app developers among online betting platforms is a clear example of the same.

Enriched through technologies like Virtual Reality

The gaming arena is expected to be more profound through advancing technologies like virtual reality. Many games are enriched with technologies like augmented reality as well. These are expected to enrich the global betting even more in forthcoming years. To be specific, these technologies are expected to play a major role in online casino segments.

There are many casinos to have started providing virtual reality experience. Moreover, popularity of a virtual casino is a clear indication of the same. With a new range of equipment surfacing, the experience of these technologies is expected to be more profound, thus establishing the industry even better.

To be specific, software being combined with AR concepts will make the experience even more seamless. Best part is that it has turned the experience way lot realistic. Witnessing the surrounding zone of the gaming, the experience level is getting more enchanting these days.

Growing betting industry powered by crypto

Betting based on cryptocurrency is expected to play a major role in converging both the gaming and betting segment. Platforms like rivalry.com are certainly going to leverage in a great way through such an evolving scenario. Best part is that this is going to make more involved with gaming and betting arena.

It is considered quite easy to transact through crypto in comparison with others. These involving zero personal data or even details associated with a credit card makes things even more assured and safer. It can turn the experience way lot transparent as well. Moreover, there are many nations interested in regulating these and making these more and more legitimate.

Developers making it intuitive

In a consistently transforming scenario, modern-day developers are expected to make the game more inclusive. With growing level of betting on online gaming events, developers are expected to add more personalized features over their platforms. Interesting part about such personalized and customized features is that it makes betting process more intuitive. Number of enquirers over platforms like rivalry.com is a clear indication of the same.

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