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Fake news vloggers shock Angel, Neil: ‘Di namin alam, hiwalay na pala kami’

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce

ANGEL Locsin says she and fiance Neil Arce were shocked when vloggers and other social media platforms reported that their projected wedding will no longer push through as they have already broken up. So they quickly corrected this in their own accounts

“Fake news po ‘yan,” says Neil. “Ni hindi namin alam, hiwalay na pala kami.”

He said in jest that he realized it’s not him being referred to in the reports as he addressed him as Neil Arci when his family name is Arce. Could it be they’re now pairing him off with Arci Munoz? Hahaha!

Angel, who’s reported to have backed out of their wedding, wrote in turn: “Oh wow. Can’t believe some people would stoop this low. Why do some people make this much effort to put me in a bad light? That is the question!”

Makati City Pabakuna

The sad thing is that people so quickly believe fake news these days. Some unscrupulous vloggers are doing this so they can gain more hits in their youtube channels, which could mean more income for them. So they’ll do anything just to get more viewers, even inventing false stories that have no basis on truth whatsoever.

Haven’t they already killed a lot of celebrities in their vlogs, like Michael V, Gary Valenciano, Sunshine Cruz, just so people will click their sites and view them? These people absolute have no qualms, no morals, no compunction. Karma is waiting for all the lies.

Going back to Angel and Neil, what is true is that they have postponed their wedding earlier scheduled this coming December. But because of the corona pandemic, they have decided to postpone it for next year, no definite date yet as of now.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight
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