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Fans find Arci-JM prank ‘annoying’

Arci Munoz and JM de Guzman
JM de Guzman and Arci Munoz

SOME quarters are not amused or pleased with the stunt of Arci Munoz and JM de Guzman who earlier posted that they have officially become lovers after being friends for several years. Their friendship really go back a long way, since their college days in the University of the Philippines where they were part of the same theater group. Both of them also underwent military training as reservists.

They’ve also been paired on the big screen in the movie “Last Fool Show”, which sadly didn’t do well at the box office, and also on TV in the soap “Pamilya Ko” which also didn’t click. It was suspended when the lockdown came last year and taping was never resumed again. Viewers no longer found out whatever happened to its characters.

When they announced that they went from being best friends to lovers as their personalities complement each other, many folks expressed happiness for them. So when they revealed, after a few days, that it was just all a prank, many fans became indignant and disappointed.

They felt that Arci and JM pulled their leg and they don’t like the idea of being fooled. Some irate fans who were antagonized by their pranks say that this explains why both JM and Arci have fleeting relationships, hopping from one partner to another, because they don’t really take their romantic relationships seriously. It’s all just a big joke for them.

These outraged fans are now calling on other people to boycott both JM and Arci as they are not worthy of anyone’s emulation. It’s now clear that Arci and JM’s prank backfired on them.

JM has a new soap with Yam Concepcion. Let’s see how this will be affected by this move to boycott him. Poor Yam, as her other leading man also has a big nega factor to the public after the ghosting that he did before to Bea Alonzo.