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FDCP’s Film Industry Conference Goes Online for 2020 Edition

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IN keeping with an eventful September in honor of Philippine Cinema and the industry, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) will be hosting the online edition of the Film Industry Conference (FIC) from September 11 to 15. Launched in 2017 and scheduled for its fourth edition this year, the FDCP-organized Film Industry Conference brings together several international film industry experts and stakeholders to discuss trends in the film industry through a series of public lectures and masterclasses.

FIC Online 2020 is a major part of FDCP’s efforts in supporting the continued growth of the FIlipino filmmaking community. Through several local and international partnerships, the conference will bring in film industry experts to discuss some of the most pressing topics in filmmaking today. Such partnerships include international organizations, film festivals, and film labs such as Netflix, Full Circle Lab, Locarno Film Festival, Rotterdam Lab and more. The various FIC mentors and speakers will be presenting opportunities and platforms pertinent to Filipino producers and filmmakers, particularly those who wish to develop, produce, and distribute their projects internationally.

Dubbed FIC Online 2020, this year’s iteration of the Film Industry Conference will be conducted online and will feature eight (8) public sessions free and accessible to all, and six (6) ‘masterclasses’ which are recommended for film industry professionals and enthusiasts. As part of the program, a number of the lectures and masterclasses will tackle filmmaking topics with an eye toward the impact and consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Through the online video communications platform Zoom, the public sessions will be free and accessible through online registration.

The eight public sessions to be held at the conference consist of a variety of topics valuable to those wishing to work and learn more about the film industry. Aspiring or up-and-coming filmmakers, writers, directors, and film students may find these classes worthwhile. The sessions include topics such as ‘Getting into Online Film Labs,’ ‘Netflix: Showcasing The Best of Filipino Content,’ ‘Southeast Asia Co-Production Grant & Philippines’ ASEAN Co-Production Fund,’ ‘European Film Labs: Round table Discussion With Rotterdam Lab and Locarno Open Doors,’ and more.

Meanwhile, the ‘masterclasses’ provide more specific and practical knowledge about working in the industry from those who have succeeded in it. These masterclasses cover broad topics across the different sides of the film industry’s spectrum, from writing, editing, production, and more. They are particularly recommended for film industry professionals and enthusiasts wishing to advance in their field and film industry knowledge.

The six masterclasses offered in Film Industry Conference 2020 are ‘Editing During Quarantine,’ ‘Filmmakers Guide to Film Distribution,’ ‘Financing Your Film and Getting a Co-production on Lockdown,’ ‘Writing During Quarantine,’ ‘Pitching Your Project Virtually,’ and ‘The Success of Marketing Distribution of Genre Films.’ They will be available for between P800 to P1,000 per class or for a bundle of PHP 5,000 for premium access to all masterclasses.

FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño spoke about the Film Industry Conference continuing with an online edition for 2020 and said, “Since its launch in 2017, the Film Industry Conference has been an integral part of FDCP’s support of Filipino filmmaking. Through the conference, we are able to bring knowledgeable and successful figures in the film industry who in turn share their expertise to the public, and help build the filmmaking community in the Philippines. Such knowledge only helps Philippine cinema as it continues to evolve and improve in different areas.”

Film Industry Conference 2020 is held in partnership with Full Circle Lab, whose mentors will also be leading different sessions during the conference. The conference precedes the three week online film lab which is scheduled to take place from September 15 to 30.

To register, go to www.fdcp.ph/fic

Publication Source :    People's Journal
Eugene E. Asis
Founding Member: Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors (SPEEd) / Entertainment Editor, People's Journal